02 June 2011

Yardening Update

I have been busy like crazy it seems in the yard trying to utilize every square inch for sustenance and enjoyment. But I think maybe I bit off more than I can chew this year. I'd bet on harvesting tomatoes and eggs at the end of summer but not sure what else.

Passionflower. I just wanted this vine to flourish like in years past. Is that so wrong? I ended up putting this guy out behind the diving board to either sink or swim. We shall see (probably next year)

West of the Poolhouse
Before the Trellis and Passionflower
Wire Trellis
Wire Trellis Complete
Grow, Passionflower, Grow!
C'mon, Baby!
Garbanzo Beans. They look bigger but they are growing so slowly...so slowly that I wonder if we'll even get a crop of beans this Fall. I think they are supposed to be ready at 120 days....we'll see. (Sorry, forgot to snap a pic tonight!)

Almond tree. I got this for my husband because it's his favorite nut (besides ME) but I honestly am not sure about the care and feeding of this tree. It looks more like a shrub and I think it probably needs pruning but it appears to be healthy and hanging in there.

Kiwi. The male and female specimens that I received last winter (that went crazy in the sun room) seem to be in shock since their move outside. They are under the clothesline behind the almond tree. That's ok;  I will love them through this transition period. One or possibly both were mutilated a little when Scott was weed eating in their area, but I think they will be heartier because of the challenges. They are smaller than they were in the sun room but they are still alive so there's still hope.

One Kiwi
Male Kiwi?
Female Kiwi?
Asparagus. Let's just say the dogs got a few tasty bits of asparagus early on and now I seem to have a lone Asparagus Tree in the bed. Perhaps some fertilizer this Fall might help with the crop this spring? More research on asparagus is in order, but any advice is welcome!

Gardenia. It bloomed for me in the sun room a few weeks ago (after I nursed it back to health over the past year) and now she's hanging out behind the diving board with the Passionflower, Lemon Balm and Mint plants.

Camelias and Tomatoes (and Shrek, of course)

More pics of what's growing on in my yard....

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