28 July 2005

Pretty Braids

This morning when I dropped my baby girl off to school she had 2 afro puffs on her head. When I picked her up from school, she had some beautiful braids!

Her teacher had braided her hair in a matter of a few minutes and it looked so cute. The hair thing has always been an issue - should we relax it? Should we braid? I tried braiding before and it always ended up looking like a cross between Snoop Dogg and Pippy Longstocking. And another of Emi's friend's mother had told me that when braiding her hair we'd need to add artificial hair to lengthen it. Not so. I did find out the only thing I was doing different was braiding OVER and Emi's teacher braided her hair UNDER and it didn't end up sticking up!

Christ in a Manger

My Christ-in-a-Manger plant bloomed again today!!  There were 6 blooms.

Looking Quite Surprised

Smelling the Blooms

18 July 2005

Lazy Weekend

Saturday Emi and I went to Zio's for lunch with my brother who was in town with his family and my sister (who kept Emi while we were out dancing last night). My brother is heading to Belize to do mission work for his church. I wish I could tag along.

After lunch Emi and I hung out at Aunt Dee Dee's house and then came home and vegged. Today we just lounged around the house. We watched movies and wrestled and ate and had some fun time. Daddy got home from his kayaking trip and we were glad for him to be back home.

15 July 2005

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Tonight was a fun night! We started out with appetizers at Island's after work, then moved along to Malone's, a new bar on campus, and ended up dancing the night away at Kongo's again. What a surprise! ;.) We went out with some co-workers and had a blast.

05 July 2005

03 July 2005

Deep Thoughts

I dreamt a thousand new paths...I woke and walked my old one.