31 August 2007

Interjections! Hallelujah!!

We bought Emi the special edition Schoolhouse Rock video a couple of years ago when she was 3 and she thought it was lame. Now that she's a big Kindergartner, she's all into it. I asked her which vid was her fave and of course she said "Interjections!!"

Interjections (Hey!) show excitement (Hey!) or emotion (Hey!).
They're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point,
Or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong.

Interjections show excitement or emotion,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah... YEA!

Darn! That's the end!

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25 August 2007

Kinder Kinder

Much has happened since my last post (which was a long time coming too) but the biggest news is that my baby girl (she's 5) started Kindergarten this past week. After 3 years at preschool, I think she was ready for it. And I was ready for the daycare cost to go way down too!! Last week we met other Kinder parents at the PTA orientation. The current president of the PTA actually knew us from the adoption seminar we attended before Emi was born. "Back to School" was BIG FUN where all of the parents could purchase school logoed merchandise and lunch tickets, sign up the kiddos for the extracurriculars and also volunteer to help out. We met Emi's teacher and were very pleased. She just happened to be the teacher I picked to e-mail midway through the summer when I was trying to find out information on school supplies and why the school website was down. Sweet baby girl has quite a few little allies in her class already PLUS an awesome teacher. Very nice. Couldn't be more pleased.

I spoke too soon - I had lunch at the school cafeteria with baby girl on Friday and it was pretty bad. Much worse than I remember my school lunches to be. Monday she starts bringing her lunch...and if she whines, egg salad every day... ;.)

Emi also started soccer this past week. She had a couple of really good practices before the big game today. I would say she sorta "choked" at the beginning of the game and didn't exactly want to play. We think she was overwhelmed by the crowds of cheering parents. Her Grandma Babe and Grandaddy-o coerced her into joining the game by telling her they'd give her a quarter for every time she kicked the ball...in ANY direction. I could see her counting out loud after a few kicks. That's my girl. I also promised her a snowcone if she played. She had a good time and even scored a goal! And even though we weren't supposed to keep score....WE WON!!!!! Way to go girls!!