26 June 2011

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination” - Mark Twain

I know that's right. Saw that quote in the begining credits of Wilfred (hysterical show BTW) and thought it really applies to my life (probably everyone's life). I will gladly let go of a little old sanity for some happiness.

Speaking of...this weekend was a real humdinger. Emi's party was a total success.


Instead of a regular birthday cake or cupcakes or even PIE, Emi decided she wanted me to make her a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake. We had a bunch of Emi's friends over for a pool party...

Playing in the Pool
We also played the Make the Pie Fly game for the 3rd year in a row. We first discovered this game at the Nick Hotel back in 2009 and it doesn't seem to get old. Take a few cheap paper plates, spray on the cheap whipped cream and pass the "pie" until the music stops. Whoever has the pie in hand has to make it fly right into their face. Good thing the kids could rinse off in the pool afterwards.

Making Pies
Making Pies

After the party Emi got to go see Cars 2 with some of her friends and we got a surprise visit from an old friend.

Nols and Jack
Nols and Jack
He's not old, actually, he's 1/4 of the family of Best Neighbors Ever and we were happy to see him for the 17 seconds he was here. He dropped off a nice DVD of his family and some amateur video that was so funny. Miss them so much!!

Later on we went to Jazz in June at the park and it was a great time with Papa Dave and Shawna; great music and wine and conversation.

Nols and Shawna
Nols and Shawna at Jazz in the Park

Muffin, the Lello Snake
Muffin, the "lello nake"

Cute Husband
Scott sampling Emi's spicy pork sandwich

All My Children
It was a really great day right up until the end. We were within 2 blocks from home when David suddenly announced that his belly hurt. No small wonder with the way he was shoveling food in his food hole all day. I told him we'd be home in a minute and he could try to poop, just hang in there but when we got within a few hundred feet of the house he erupted like a volcano spewing the entire contents of his tummy. Luckily most of it went into his car seat with him or else we have to burn the Disco down to the ground....

Not a good end to the day. Poor guy felt much better after a nice warm bath and when I was putting him to bed and rubbing his back he said "Mommy, I don't ever want to throw up again"... Agreed.

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