11 June 2011

Our Haul

Emi, Aubri and I had a short window of time this morning to hit a few local garage sales and we were richly rewarded for our efforts. We hit 3 sales within an hour and spent less than $20. This is some of what we hauled home:

LIG Diner Mug
Life is Good diner mug $1
Wooden Duck
Wooden duck $1

(not pictured, Breezy's 50 cent watering can ; J.Jill sweater, chocolate brown Lacoste thermal shirt and red/white striped Banana Republic top all three for $3) 

Garage Sale
Made in PI, this $1 shirt matches my $1.50 thrift store OU capris

New Cafe Table and Chairs
Wooden Cafe Table with 2 chairs for $10
I have been looking for a table set like this for a long time, something to add into the sun room for when we have friends and family over, another conversation area...like a coffeehouse...or The Mont! Not sure if I should paint or condition and reseal these steals!

Old Lawn Chair
Old Lawn Chair for $1

Will probably paint this chair....

Emi got a Nerf gun for 25 cents and Aubri got a thermal lunch bag for 25 cents also... not a bad morning at all!

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