17 September 2005


That's what I have been experiencing this past few weeks. It's so unlike me not to post such a big event on my website, but it's been crazy how covered up I am with house-buying and -selling activities - I can't recall the day when it all started; when we decided to sell our home and drove around the neighborhood we wanted to live in and spotted the house we are now buying. I really think some screaming is in order.

We looked at the new house 4 times before deciding to put in an offer and within a few days we had a contract with the sellers. Since then, it's been an emotional/physical roller coaster. We've had so many visitors inspecting and repairing our home and also inspecting the new home. I can't believe how much I've learned about the whole process - they really ought to have a class in high school detailing the jobs included with home maintenence and buying/selling a home.

It's definitely information overload for this information junkie and I am ready for the fun to start with a new beginning in a new home. Right now I am just exhausted from the physical work and running around and the mental challenges of negotiating and re-negotiating, etc. Maybe after sufficient sleep I can reflect on the past month and document what has happened so I'm more likely to retain any nuggets of wisdom...

07 September 2005


We are getting ready to move and it certainly has to be the most stressful time in our lives. One month until closing and I am cleaning out old rooms, donating bags and boxes of stuff and cleaning parts of the house I forgot existed. My hubby is busy making repairs and Emi is helping too. Last night she donated a bag of her old toys (some brand new) to the kids who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. What a sweet girl. She told me that we were gonna get their homes back for them also.....makes me so proud of her.