06 June 2011

Get Out

Last night we attended the second of the Summer Breeze concerts and this time we actually got to hear/see the artists - Shane Henry and Maggie McClure. Last time we spent the entire time on the big toy on the playground with the kiddos.

The kids ate dinner on the blanket and we enjoyed banana shakes and dragonflies circling over while the music played. Emi found some friends from school and the Little Ones made a new friend of the baby who wandered over to our blanket. We took home a fair amount of dried grass in the hair of the children when we left before the concert was over.


Summer Breeze #2
Concert in the Park

Liked #10's shirt "Flip of July"
Making a Friend

Caught Busting a Move

Sweet Child O' Mine

My Little Breezy

Big Sis, Little Bro
Upside Down

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