29 September 2016

Sweet Baby (Almost)

I went to check on the watermelon tonight and one of the vines had been severed. ;.( By an obnoxious squirrel or a kiddo, we may never know. The watermelon itself looked plenty ripe but the tendril closest to the stem was still nice and green, so I think it was too early to harvest. With the vine cut, we had no choice but to find out if it was edible at this point. Look at how HUGE it is for being a preemie!

Moon and Stars Watermelon
Sour Cream for Reference - 5 lb tub!

28 September 2016

16 September 2016

Impotent Mystics

Today after work I finally finished Atlas, Shrugged right after I pulled into my driveway. Blessed closure and a nice way to start the weekend!  

14 September 2016

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Somebody Loves Me
Scott found these at Walgreens yesterday!!!
I should have enough concrete (60 lbs) to make a concrete jack o' lantern, a jack o' lantern planter,  cement brains (Writer's Block?),  a small garden orb and 2 heart stepping stones.  I can't wait!

10 September 2016

Garden Grows

One of our watermelons looks like it might be under attack (or maybe was under attack by a chicken maybe?) and seems to not be growing. It doesn't feel as full or solid as the other two either.

Not Looking Good
Not Thriving

09 September 2016

On prépare la citrouille?

Q: Why don't I have any of these in my basement?
A: Because we switched to the reusable BAGS 6 years ago! I still have THOSE in the basement.
Aubri and I searched at Atwoods, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Michaels and Target for the classic jack o' lantern treat buckets to no avail.  I then went to 3 thrift stores ISO the classic pail with no luck! There were every manner of treat bucket out there, but none shaped like a jack-o-lantern. They were all shaped like buckets! Not very imaginative. I asked a worker at Target if they had any and she said they hadn't put them out yet... Really? With all of the other Halloween stuff?

I found some cheap ones online, but I don't want to have to wait to get them.  Searching around for other ideas, I came across this milk jug homemade bucket idea.  Maybe I could use items we have on hand (foam triangle adhered to the sides and bottom for drain hole) to make a jack-o-lantern planter? I don't know, I'm kinda stuck on the idea of the jack o'lantern. 

05 September 2016

Working the Wood

Recently I was inspired by a wood project for the Fall.

Before I went in search of supplies for another pumpkin project,  I drew a crude pumpkin on plywood using an old copper pipe from the basement as a guide (the stem), then Scott cut out the pattern, and then the scrap wood against the pattern and basically everything else to make the pumpkin.


04 September 2016


So that unfinished, but not quite blank canvas above the bar got finished today. Recall last year when I was trying to get motivated to complete the painting using collaboration. That didn't happen because I have trust issues and with some folks that attend our gatherings, who knows what would end up on the canvas?

02 September 2016

Heavy Metal and Wood

It's almost Pumpkin Season and time to spook up the porch. I found a concrete project that will satiate my urge to work with concrete for a little while.

Look at how cool this concrete jack-o-lantern is!!!

01 September 2016

Moon and Stars

So I have been checking on the watermelons daily and they are growing so fast!

Sweet Watermelons
They are easier to spot now...
They are all about the size of a football now.