24 June 2011

Welcomed Comments

I've noticed that traffic has been up on my blog yet comments have been lacking. ;.( So I decided to test the commenting on my blog and was sent into a loop of trying to log in to Google to leave a comment, to verify and then no comment... So no wonder I am not getting any feedback! I checked Blogger Help and saw that a user fixed this problem by setting the comment form up as either a pop-up window or full page vice the default of embedded below. Soooooo, please let me hear your comments if you have any. Happy Friday!


  1. Testing! Testing!

    I've heard a lot of bloggers mentioning that their comments have been wayyyyyy down recently, even though traffic is up. There are a bunch of theories about Changes In Social Media, so it would be VERY FUNNY if everyone was just having comment form problems and didn't realize it!

  2. thanks for the tip, Nol!


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