30 May 2005

Memorial Day 2005

We played at the lake today and then went to see Madagascar at the movies. This was Emi's second movie and she enjoyed it, but we felt a little disappointed because of all of the hype about the movie. I guess they can't all be as good as Shrek II or The Incredibles..... Emi laughed out loud at the cute parts and when she had to go potty, she asked if we had a "mokey retrol" (remote control) so that we could pause the movie...sweet silly girl!

29 May 2005

Family Time

Scott's family was over for dinner tonight and afterwards we hung out outside. Stevie and Gary played a few songs for us. It was a very nice time...

23 May 2005

Monday, Monday, so good to me

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Byron Nelson Championship and were this close to Tiger before he got cut....too bad we couldn't take a camera inside. We didn't get any autographs because we spent too much time in the pavilion, but we did get to meet Byron Nelson's wife and get on camera. Kathy (in the hat) and her hubby produce BooKoo Energy drinks. I can vouch for them as I could not sleep that Friday night after drinking one of her small sample drinks..yee-haw!

22 May 2005

Dinner Party

Last night we had some friends over for Cuban pork roast, black beans and rice and Tomato Feta Salad. Anne brought us some yummy rich family dessert ("Death by Kathy" I believe). After dinner the kids watched movies and played while the adults hung out under a full moon and had some good wine, beer and conversation... It was a nice, relaxing time.

We managed not to open the Francis Coppola wine AGAIN, so we decided to start a tradition of bringing the unopened wine bottle to each gathering, similar to Superman in the Seinfeld episodes.

21 May 2005

T.G.I.F...Thank God I'm Filipino

Today I met with an old friend for lunch at the T.E.A. Cafe! Yummers! The conversation was great but as usual, we didn't have enough time to get caught up....that just means we will have to do lunch again soon!

13 May 2005

Happy Graduation

Tonight we went to a friend's graduation party at Charleston's. While we were waiting for a table, I snapped a sweet picture of my family.

And then a sweet picture of my baby girl....