28 June 2011

Hoo Boy!

the day started off nice with thunder and rain

so how did I know it would end in vain?

the big fat rain drops fell from the sky

flash mob practice tonight (oh WHY?)

why did I sign up to dance in a mob?

why did I think it'd be no prob?

try not to think about it instead

enjoy the raindrops falling on my head

drop off the kids and go to work

don't think about how you dance like a dork

So Emi and I went to the first practice for the flash mob and it was a hoot! I was so nervous! The woman who showed us the routine (now set to a different song, a better choice I think) was a year ahead of me in high school and was actually on the Pom Squad and Show Choir (if memory serves correct). Advantage: Her. Most of the rest of the small crowd of people were girls who had mucho experience in dance, young girls and only 1 guy. Practice was in a small room at a nearby recreation center, the same room where I took my dogs to attend obedience school. 
We signed in and were handed the song sheet with notes on the move. Luckily the new song is actually faster paced and a lot shorter than the original song. We're dancing to R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. The rest of the hour was spent breaking the song down into sections and learning the moves. A huge handicap of mine is that I am not familiar with the names of the dance moves. Also, the lighting was bright and my half of the group was clustered in front of the mirror! 

During the class there were 2 guys watching from the back of the room and another woman videoing at the front. I was doing okay with my awkwardness and laughing A LOT at my gracelessness until I realized she was taping and then I gave her a "deer in the headlights" look. I decided that just in case she was capturing the video to be uploaded to YouTube to practice to (please, no!), I did not want to be distracted by my stiff likeness goobering up every transition yet smiling like a hyena the whole time, so I stepped out of the light for a bit.

Now that I've been home and viewed my own personal video of the dance as performed by 3 lovely young - and no doubt dancer type - girls, it doesn't seem so bad. Pretty much a line dance (sans the penny beer).

Guys, do you know why I am so nervous? Take a look at the video below.
Let's just sat that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Gulp!

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  1. & Its times like this that I wish I could play video on my phone!


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