23 January 2006

Home Again, Home Again..

We are so glad to be home again. You would not think that staying in a hotel and room service would get old, but it does after 2 weeks.We had some really good time with Mickey's birth family spending almost every night with them. It's a time we will never forget. Emi was so glad to be home that she has already spent the night with Grandma Babe. She actually met us at the airport and Emi went home with her. It was funny when Emi came in the next day she saw the baby laying on her blanket and said "What's McCartney doing on my blanket?" Well, there are only a few things she could be doing and I told Emi that she was just laying there. Emi promptly asked for a bottle....little regression going on here?

I had ordered the "McCartney" CD before we left for NY, so it was waiting for us when we returned home. I opened it up and flipped it over to see the back cover and was amazed. There was a photo of Paul McCartney with a full beard and his baby tucked into his jacket. Daddy had stopped shaving when we were in NY so he had a full beard. We decided that the baby announcements would consist of a photo of Scott in his new leather jacket holding the baby. How cool!

06 January 2006

Happy Birthday!

We missed McCartney's birth because we were stuck at the hotel with no transportation, but we got to see her within the hour when her grandma picked us up. She was crying under a heat lamp and she seemed very upset. The nurses let Scott and I (Emi was asleep) put on gowns and hold the sweet baby. She immediately calmed down once she was held. She hitched here and there as she kept calming down and we soothed her by talking to her. We were seriously tired from the excitement and the adrenaline flowing. We stayed with her for a few hours, then we left so that the birth family could spend some time with her.