25 March 2015

Camp Life

During Spring Break we were able to spend some time in nature, camping on the Illinois River. The first night was really rough with a campsite delivery (The Mobster) from Gambino's.


18 March 2015

Shades of Brown

Peace Sign Tulip Garden
Tulip Garden (more defined)

Dark Chocolate Cake Pops
Dark Chocolate Brownie Pops (oh my!)

Metallic Espresso
Rich Espresso Horse Head

15 March 2015


My yard is so full of weeds already that it's hard to find the beauty.  It's there in some obvious ways.


01 March 2015

Hip Hop

This morning, I am all into "hops" as I am preparing myself mentally to grow hops this year. Not a lot, just 3 little manageable plants that I ordered from The Thyme Garden.

I mentioned on my blog (3 years ago!!) that I wanted to grow hops and it's on my Living List, so that means I'm serious now.

I have been eyeballing a location that hasn't gotten much use over the past few years.