27 January 2007

Rocky Mountain High

We took a much needed vacation to Keystone, Colorado and enjoyed skiing (some of us did anyway), tubing and a wonderful sleigh ride in the valley.

Willie and Waylon are going to pull our sleigh
With Willie and Waylon
Peppermint Schnapps
Peppermint Schnapps
Daddy and Emi Tubing
Daddy and Emi Tubing

We also went to Breckenridge to see the award winning ice and snow sculptures, shop and have lunch on the deck at Bubba Gump's.

Bubba Gump's in Breckenridge
At Bubba Gump's
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19 January 2007

AATW and Kirby

Tonight we saw Asleep at the Wheel at Sooner Theatre and they were great! It felt like we went back in time about 30 years in the small theatre listening to Texas swing.  They had to hurry back to Austin after the show so we will have to pick up their latest CD later. We only have A Ride with Bob  and hopefully we can catch the Ride with Bob musical...  or catch them on tour with Willie and Merle!

In other news,  we renamed "Charlie" to "Kirby" after watching him "hoovering" around the floor in the kitchen. He was sniffing around looking for any tasty tidbits we might have dropped and resembled a vacuum cleaner. "Hoover" sounded cool, but "Kirby" won out because that's the brand vacuum that we own...the name fits him well...

06 January 2007

So Cavalier!

We welcomed sweet Charlie into our family today.

Look at that sweet face!

We visited the local animal shelter and saw a cute dog with sweet eyes, but we wanted a female dog so we checked out another shelter and a pet store before returning to the city shelter to see if this Cavalier dog would be a good fit. Once we got him away from the other dogs in the kennel, we fell in love with him!   He'd only been in the pound for 24 hrs and we felt lucky for that.

At PetSmart afterwards, we found out that our little doggie was a very expensive breed - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Everyone we've talked to has said that they cannot believe we got Charlie at the pound! We can't believe it either now! We just know that he is so sweet, is always wagging his tail and just seems to love being with us. The Cavalier was originally bred to be a comfort and companion dog and that is so what we have needed.