24 October 2015

Camping Juxtaposition

Last Saturday my family dispersed into 3 different directions to camp out for the evening. I slept in a treehouse with Aubri and 5 of her friends (and a couple of moms) in Southwest Oklahoma.

I think the treehouse camping spoiled us from regular camping...

07 October 2015

Birthday Boy

We celebrated David's birthday quickly and quietly as a family the day before I flew out to Napa.

Happy Birthday
Mia Familia
My beautiful family

06 October 2015

Framily Time

September was a wild ride! For a while I thought I might not blog about it because I am still fairly exhausted, but here goes:

We tailgated at the first home game. It was fun to get out for a change of pace. I usually prefer to stay home while my town transforms into a sea of crimson and cream but a friend of mine was in town and we had to go to her winning tailgate.

Tailgating at the N-Zone