18 June 2011

Saturday Morning

I've been up for an hour watering the yard and plants, feeding the cats/dogs/chickens and mastering the Fine Art of Putting Things Away at my place and I am amazed that all 3 of my kids are still asleep. I am not too surprised that Emi is still in bed because she is like a teenager (in an almost 9 year old's body) and needs all the sleep she can get. But David, he's my early riser. He springs out of bed, maybe with a scowl on his face but ALWAYS ready to GO! And Aubri, she's happy to see you in the mornings. All "Mommy, I love you!". She's been my favorite photography subject as of late. Such a sweetie!

We kept them up late last night at the lake setting up for the lake party. But they will be up soon...

For now I can relish in my cup o' joe, catch up on a few blogs and get ready for the day!

I hope you have a blessed weekend, friends!

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