05 June 2011


We have dreams of turning the front yard into an English courtyard. I found a photo of our yard from a couple years back that prompted me to contrast it with our current day yard.

January 2009
Yard Current
June 2011
Not exactly a courtyard but we have hedges (forsythia and barberry) in progress to enclose the yard and block sound.  We also have some pretty roses and a holly tree in front of the house and an "English Manor" table and chair set too, so we're getting there...


We painted the mailbox a couple of years ago and I am ready to replace it with something in black iron for the curb (if we stay with the current type of mailbox) or move it to the porch like everyone else in our neighborhood. I am thinking we ought to keep it at the curb so that our postal worker doesn't have to cut through the thorny barberry hedge to deliver our mail. At any rate, a new mailbox is not even on any list of things to get/do anytime soon.

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