29 September 2007


We were driving down the back drive along the creek when I was mesmerized by a tall cottonwood tree that was moving in the wind. The leaves were moving in such a way that made me want to stare. I pointed this out to Emi who was in the back seat unaware. She asked what "mesmerizing" meant. I told her it was like looking at a pile of red ants - the movement makes you want to stare at it. Or if something was so colorful or shimmery, etc that you felt you had to keep looking at it. As I looked at her in the rearview mirror for her response to this new word, she said that she sometimes does that to Brooke in her Kindergarten class, then she showed me her mesmerized look. I hope this look doesn't scare off her little friend!

23 September 2007

Narrating the obvious...

Today was hard, leaving my family (especially my sweet little daughter) for a week to attend a conference in San Antonio. I'm usually tough (appearing that way, anyway), but this morning I couldn't stop my eyes from watering at the airport. After saying our goodbyes, my family watched me as I made my way through the security line. While I was waiting, Emi came up to me in line and said "Mommy, it looks like you are about to cry." in her sweet little 5 year old voice. I told her it was because I was going to miss her so much while I was away.... I could barely speak for the frog in my throat..

Next time the family comes with!

21 September 2007

Muchas Gracias!

A friend of mine sent me a funny video that I just had to share... I needed this today!

Enjoy! One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

13 September 2007

Lovely Things...

Lately I've been snagging up things to make my life easier and more organized...also to help maximize the real estate in my home. I hate wasted space and flat surfaces (because they so quickly get filled with piles of stuff). I bought a 2008 Busy Family Wall Calendar at Barnes & Noble. What a WONDERFUL way to display my whole family's (including pets) schedule.

And I found a really cool footprint shoe rack to fit in my foyer that looks much more attractive than the shoe tray that I used to have near the foyer. And this shoe rack will keep those annoying shoes out of the "library" (stay tuned). I realize that I will have to drag that annoying tray out of the sunroom once the winter boots come out of the closet, but for now I will enjoy my shoe-free floor!

12 September 2007

Kindergarten Picture Day

Today was my sweet little girl's first school picture day. Daddy and I worked with her on relaxing and trying not to do the fake smile thing. We told her to think of something funny. We practiced a little, but I can't see that either of us looked like we just heard a funny joke...

11 September 2007

Life is Good

The year that Emi was born we unofficially adopted the motto "Life is Good". When she was 5 months old we took a trip to Vegas and purchased the first of many, many LIG items. A green hoodie from the Canyon Ranch store on the canal. Since then, we've been spreading the positive LIG vibes to family and friends and my husband's old office (Outdoor Rec) has incorporated the LIG shirts into their office uniforms (how cool is THAT?). Today when my daughter wore a new LIG shirt to school, a teacher read her shirt and Emi let her know that that was our family motto.

08 September 2007

"M" for "Mine", "More" and "Morgans"

Today we did some extensive testing of our new brownie pan - The Edge Brownie Pan - and the consensus is "WE LOVE IT". My husband who has always preferred the inner gooey brownies has converted to an edge lover after this weekend.

02 September 2007

"Oh, Cisco", "Oh, Pancho"

Tonight Emi had her cousins over for some S'mores, swimming and staying up late watching The Last Mimzy. Sometime after dinner the discussion turned to what would happen to the first one to fall asleep. We decided that whoever fell asleep first would wake up with a nice Cisco (or Pancho) type mustache. We even had the marker sitting out (yes, washable) in case anyone thought we were not serious. So I can't imagine why those kids would not go to sleep. In the end NO ONE got to be Cisco OR Pancho in the morning because we old folks fell asleep before we could do any drawing.