11 May 2017


One day last month when I got home from work, I went to make salad to go with our pasta dish (angel hair with alfredo sauce, tuna and peas) and I realized someone had eaten the rest of the grape tomatoes that I had planned to use for my Larry and Bob salad. The pasta dish was done and I had 3 cucumbers and no tomatoes so I needed a salad lifeline.

And so for the nth time, Deb saved me with an awesome recipe - this time for an obsessively good avocado-cucumber salad.

Obsessively Good Avocado-Cucumber Salad

09 May 2017

Burgoo, Bourbon and Bow Ties

This past weekend we celebrated the 143rd Run for the Roses in our back yard and it was a blast! Perfect weather for a backyard party and our friends really know how to derby it up!

My First Mint Julep
That cool, refreshing drink!
Under the Tent
Under the Big Top