27 March 2009

Last Date Mollified

...I don't recall...need to work on that. Maybe 2 weeks in Belize?


(mŏl'ə-fī') Pronunciation Key tr.v. mol·li·fied, mol·li·fy·ing, mol·li·fies
To calm in temper or feeling; soothe. See Synonyms at pacify.
To lessen in intensity; temper.
To reduce the rigidity of; soften.

11 March 2009

That Just Happened

Met Emi for lunch at her school today and it was bad. I didn't pack Emi's lunch today (FAIL) and I was starving so we ate from the cafeteria offering: "chicken" nuggets with mashed "potatoes" for me and a hamburger (or as Inspector Clouseau would say, "d'amburgert") for Emi. I was barely able to consume my lunch with the constant barrage of questions coming from the little girls. Most were talking about how they lost their teeth and some were talking about how others lost their teeth and yet others were talking about boys being pests. Typical First Grade lunchroom talk, I suppose. In contrast the girls table was a Pressure Cooker of Conversation whereas the boys table was more of a Boxing Ring.

Here are some actual questions/comments that I received:

Are those fake nails? Nope, these pathetic things are mine.

Will this apple make my tooth come out? Most likely, yesh!

Why is Emi's skin black and yours is white? Me: Because that's the way God made us. Emi: Actually I wasn't grown in her belly.

So Emi was adopted? Yes.

How was Emi adopted? Her biological mom picked us to be Emi's parents before Emi was born.

So Emi's sisters are with her Real Mom? Yes.

How was the Philippines discovered? [What? This was actually a carryover from a Girl Scout gathering at our home last month to learn about the Philippines and earn a cooking badge.]

Wow! Maybe next week I should have a "meeting" during Emi's lunch hour..

09 March 2009

Because You Are A Woman

Can you tell that I was enjoying the concert just a little?

Almost Cake

Made this cake Saturday night against all odds. Leftover from my birthday party were a bag of key limes and a partial bottle of rum (among other things) and I just happened to have coconut on hand because I am a coconut freak! So I was ecstatic to find the Key Lime Coconut Cake recipe featured on Smitten Kitchen while I was recovering from said birthday party Sunday afternoon. Several days got away from me last week and finally Saturday I had to make this cake already....and we were out of eggs. Scott came to the rescue and brought some eggs home on his way home from the hardware store. Then I realized that we were out of milk and I didn't think that soymilk or chocolate almond milk would be a good substitute! Why oh why didn't I buy that Shelf Stable Milk that I had in my hand on Thursday, for emergencies? Emi ran next door to borrow a cup of milk from our awesome neighbors and the cake baking was back on. Now, I am not much of a baker (SK has been tempting me to remedy that for more than a year now though) so it was really no surprise that I did not have any self-rising flour on hand. Notes in the recipe indicated that I could make my own, except that I did not have any baking powder! Not to worry, I followed the recipe to a tee, excepting that I used regular flour with no added salt or baking powder. I figured it would be similar to my banana nut bread. The cake/bread turned out really good thanks to help from Team Morgan in juicing and zesting those tangy key limes. We shared the freshly baked cake (drizzled with the rum/lime glaze) with our friends next door after dinner...this recipe is a keeper!

05 March 2009

The Pew Pews Gather in the Yard

We finally got to see Brett Dennen in the flesh at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. For those of you familiar with Brett, you will immediately understand the title of this post. For those of you who are not familiar with him, shame on you!! Check out the videos below. We stayed at the Halcyon House (a cool bed and breakfast) that was walking distance from downtown. We walked over to The Bottleneck early to confirm the location and caught Brett doing his soundcheck. It was so great because he was singing the song that I could not get out of my head, Ain't Gonna Lose You.

We were thrilled to meet him after the show, to get an autograph and ask him personally about the meaning of She's Mine ... he told us it's about "pride"...yesh... Wish we could have hung out with him all night...he is just amazing!

The Little Ones opened up for him and that was a nice surprise too....got to meet Edward and talk a little about our shared Filipino heritage and he signed a CD for my sister (who went to Boracay last year).