26 August 2005

Bon Voyage

Today we said "goodbye" to a good friend, Greg, who is leaving us for a better job with the NWS in South Carolina. Congratulations, Greg. Keep in touch!

25 August 2005

With or Without You

I'm currently listening to With or Without You (U2). It was a LIFETIME ago when I first listened to and loved this song and came out during a really important time in my life. I was such a sad little romantic girl back then (1987) and thought love had to hurt. This song was ME! I'm so glad to have grown up and learned from those days, but I do appreciate the great music that U2 put out!

23 August 2005

Watching Out for Mama

Today was her first day in her new class and she had a great day. I can tell that she enjoys being in the class with the older kiddos. Tonight when we were leaving the restaurant I was wedged in the truck in between Emi and Daddy and they were taking me back to the Disco at the house we have been looking at for the last month. It was just a short ride and I didn't want to put my seat belt on even though Emi kept reminding me to do so. When Daddy put the truck into gear, Emi reached her arm out in front of me so as to protect me and it was so sweet. Always watching out for me....I'm a lucky mama!

22 August 2005

Knockin' on Kevin's Door

Today Emi was running around the house singing "Knock-knock-knockin' on Kevin's door....." It was too cute! I wish I had some audio to share with you.

Girls Night Out

Stacey, Emily, Lisa, Heidi, Gail, Emi and I met at the Mont tonight. It was a fun but bittersweet evening. Gail's and Lisa's dad passed away early Thursday morning after a long battle with cancer and he will definitely be missed. Emi kept the crowd (and herself) entertained by giving out kisses and playing with Heidi's glasses.

A lady at the table next to us was giving Emi a lot of attention and when she told Emi that she was beautiful, Emi rolled her eyes. I guess it gets old to be told that as often.... I prompted her to tell the lady "Thanks"...

15 August 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

Yesterday we saw Napoleon Dynamite at my in-law's home and it was surprisingly entertaining. I thought it was a kid's movie, but the trends, music etc took me back to when I was a kid. I found some ND trivia today whilst looking for more info on the writer/producer - the producer is 10 years younger than me which was surprised with how nostalgic the movie made me...I recommend watching the movie if you haven't already. It usually takes me a while to catch up on movie-watching, hence the late "review" of ND.

10 August 2005

Doo Yoga

Check out my baby girl getting into her yoga practice. She likes to mimic me when I do yoga and she's been interested in it since she was around 18 months old. We got her a cute Scooby Doo yoga mat with a bag and the matching balance ball with DVD. She looked too cute tonight doing the ab exercises and trying out the Tree Pose.

05 August 2005


Well, a few of us had another happy "hour" (turned into several) at the Mont. It was fun and a threatening storm cooled things down a bit so we stayed longer than we planned. Stacey's dad even showed up!

04 August 2005


My yoga teacher is leaving us. ;.( She is moving on to a new life in Oregon and we will miss her dearly. For almost 2 years she has been coming to the ROC to lead us in yoga. She has been great and has even allowed me to tape our last sessions so we can continue to have her in our lives. I am hoping she will start blogging from Oregon so we can see her often. We took her to lunch at T.E.A. Cafe and gave her a NEXRAD Lightning photo that we all signed so she will never forget us.

Good luck, Teresa! We love you and will miss you!

03 August 2005

Passiflora Incarnata

My friend Stacey found a dried up passion fruit that had fallen off of her Passion Flower plant some time months ago. We were surprised that the plant yielded fruit and we thought we would try to cultivate more plants from the dried seeds. I put a few of the seeds in an empty pot at work and look what happened. The plants don't really look like the other vines that I have so I am not 100% sure that they are not weeds from the soil.....