26 June 2005

Baby Girl Turned 3!

Our little girl turned 3 today and we celebrated at the lake. A few of her friends from school showed up and they played in the sprinklers and SpongeBob slide. I baked her a special cake with fresh strawberries, but when she saw all of her buddies eating cupcakes, she decided she wanted one too.

She got a LOT of nice gifts, mostly toys and a new bike too!! She got a set of water guns from her Aunt Julie and of course we had to break those out. A nice squirt gun fight ensued and the toddlers thought it especially funny to soak the unsuspecting adults' crotches. Kids!

It was a birthday Emi will probably always remember because of the quality time with her little buddies (and the fact that she remembers EVERYTHING these days!)...

25 June 2005


Hippie Chicks had a wedding gig today. We prepared the savory food last night and today ALL we had to do was dip the strawberries in chocolate and transport the food to the reception hall. Everything went very smoothly....and the food was yummy! Later we went to Jazz in the Park with some friends. While I don't really LOVE jazz, I do like hanging out in the park with my friends. We actually opened the bottle of Coppola's Syrah and decided it was too dry.

19 June 2005

A Swirly Kind of Night

We got together at The Mont tonight for a "girls night out". It was a fun time talking about the guys and having their famous swirls. We even ran into a "lost" alumnus from my high school class and I snapped a "now" picture of him and his wife. On my way home I crashed the dance at the Moose Lodge where my parents were....

18 June 2005

Look who made it...

Last Monday we decided to go into town to eat at T.E.A. Cafe. On our way out the door we saw our guinea hens squawking for some food and we heard a little chirping. We saw 2 little baby guineas! We hoped they would make it for the duration. The last batch we had a few months ago (15 babies in all) didn't make it. That's how it is out here in the country.

Today I was out planting some Passionflower cuttings and cleaning up debris from the storms we'd have lately and I saw the babies.

15 June 2005


I could eat this every day of the week - fresh tomatoes and basil drizzled with organic olive oil and seasoned with salt....yummers! The colors are so pretty and the flavors are so fresh!

14 June 2005

6th Annual Lake Party

We had our 6th annual lake party this past weekend and I am dead tired today..... here are some pics. We had a really good relaxing time with the regulars, but we had some newbies show up to experience the relaxing outdoors on the water. We were treated to homemade sangria courtesy of my friend Mike who was smart this year and doled it out little by little. We had good food, good drink and good friends. As well as being worn out still 3 days later, I have about 50 chigger bites on my legs and feet. You'd think by now I'd know better...

13 June 2005

Tea Time Thought

Recently I heard about a meditation path nearby that was created to honor the people who died in the 9/11/01 horror.

I walked it the other day and thought it would be cool to share with you. Here are the instructions for walking the labyrinth...

I am thinking of creating something similar at my house where the grass doesn't grow so well...

Think deeply, speak gently, love much, laugh aloud, work hard, give freely and be kind.

12 June 2005

Storm rolling in...

During the clean up after the lake party, the sky turned dark and a cool wind blew down from the north. It was weird because the storms were moving E-N-E of us, but the wind gusts were straight from the North. We were sure that we were in for some severe weather, but we didn't have any tornadoes...

Tessa took this cool pic of the kids fishing...

06 June 2005

The next Serena Williams?

My baby girl got a cute tennis outfit from her Aunt Stevie and it shows off all of her curves. She's ready to take on Mamita on the courts....

04 June 2005

Spiderman has some tea...

Emi and I got a good picture of Spidey with a cool tea mug for her birthday invites.