22 October 2014


noun - assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.

synonyms aid, help, a helping hand, assistance; comfort, ease, relief, TLC

Chess Square
Chess Square

13 October 2014

Camp Life

So, we have another birthday party to host this Autumn and the theme is going to be "Camp Aubri". I am super stoked to make it happen too because pinata! She originally wanted a zombie head pinata and that morphed into a TMNT pinata until we discussed the rest of the party.... because the pinata only takes about 37 seconds to complete.

The plan now is to make a cool Airstreamer pinata. That will be a fun challenge and I think we are up to it.

I still fantasize about owning one of these things...

For the cake, Aubri has requested Chess Pie. Probably because it was my favorite treat at the ice cream store I worked at in high school, and I just recreated 2 pans of the golden goodness last week.

We found some really creatively decorated camp themed cakes online so we are loaded down with ideas.  Love the idea of putting her candle(s) in a little fire in the middle of the woods.

For takeaways/goodie bags (something I resolved to not do again and yet I am finding myself doing again!), we plan to have bandanas to hold pinata goodies and possibly camp gear.  It will be too chilly to swim, so Aubri has requested a bonfire and s'mores for her little friends.

I will try...

Not sure of any other activities yet, maybe a campy photo booth or scavenger hunt?

11 October 2014


So, a couple of weeks ago, Scott and I stepped out for a breakfast date after we dropped off the kids at their respective schools. We had a few hours in which we could luxuriate in a booth being served breakfast cooked especially for us. We ended up at The Diner for the first time in a long while.

Hello, Oathbreaker!

07 October 2014


Vanilla is my favorite go-to scent and flavor.  Sure, I love me some chocolate, but vanilla finds its way into way more recipes around here, and this year I wanted to make some good quality vanilla for Christmas gifts.

Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Extract Made with Brandy [Note: This would be nice sipped from a glass with a giant ice cube!]