09 June 2011

Twist and Shout

Emi and I started off the evening with some wonderful yoga involving lots of stress relieving twists. Then after dinner and bath we started in on the arduous task of converting her microbraids (pretty much dreds by now) into two strand twists.  So far I'd estimate that I have about 10% of her hair done.

Microbraids -> Twists

Time gets away from us with 3 kids, 2 working parents, copious extra activities, yard work, yada, yada, yada but Emi is really low maintenance on her hair requests so we do her hair when we do her hair. We've gotten a lot of judgement from people who are not her parents, but she is so much more than her hair and she knows it...

Microbraids -> Twists

Last year we found out about a local hair shop that specializes in black hair so maybe after I get her hair all detangled and into twists we might set up an appt to see about cornrows. Emi wants to let her hair out in an afro and I'd like something more protective (and less maintenance) so I'm thinking this might be a good compromise:

Afro puffs with cornrows

P.S. There was no shouting tonight but there might have been some whimpering from Emi during some of the yoga stretches and also during the comb out...

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