My Living List

  1. Finalize will
  2. Allow myself to be happy again (This is a daily deal but ok, be happy, YOU!)
  3. Find Fletcher and Susan and reconnect (2010 - sad ending)
  4. Learn to proficiently shoot my gun
  5. Organize regular DATE NIGHT
  6. BELIZE!!!
  7. Discover/uncover my abs
  8. Road trip across the U.S.
  9. Visit family in Philippines
  10. Whiskey at a pub in Ireland
  11. Own a cool camper
  12. Open a Swiss bank account in Switzerland
  13. Go on a multi-day biking trip
  14. Help someone get into or through college
  15. Host an outdoor party when the fruit trees bloom
  16. Go clamming
  17. Sew my own clothes (not ALL just some)
  18. Learn to play chess
  19. Make a peaceful living space for our family
  20. Tithe regularly (2011)
  21. Raise Chickens again (April 2011)
  22. Parasail
  23. Meet Brett Dennen (March 2009)
  24. Organize a retreat
  25. Rewire a lamp
  26. Use my work to improve lives (one could argue that I am already doing this)
  27. Go a day without speaking
  28. Throw a block party
  29. Remove money as a concern (heh)
  30. Take a two-week vacation without computers – Hello Belize!
  31. Zip line through a canopy of trees
  32. Make a quilt of our favorite t-shirts from the past (have most of the materials in the basement)
  33. Attend a yoga retreat
  34. Plant bulbs in a public space (anonymously) (Nov 2011)
  35. Have a family portrait painted
  36. Live in another country for a year
  37. Learn how to run regularly (Summer 2014)
  38. Visit Canada
  39. Build a portable yurt
  40. Organize photos into 1 area – chunk crappy ones
  41. Genealogy Charts for me, Scott and Emi and David and Aubri
  42. Memorize Phonetic Alphabet (March 2017)
  43. Visit Halifax, Nova Scotia
  44. Create a Family Cook Book for my children
  45. Go on a cruise
  46. Compose music
  47. Learn to play an instrument (mandolin? bandurria? sitar?)
  48. Help create a neighborhood park/garden.
  49. Write a script for a TV show
  50. Take horseback riding lessons
  51. Learn sign language (learning with the kiddos via Signing Time on PBS Jan 2012)
  52. Learn Tagalog and become conversational in this language (visayan?)
  53. Visit Greece and see where Mama Mia was filmed 
  54. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
  55. Pray Daily
  56. Purge and paint closet (Nov 2011)
  57. Grow spiritually with my family
  58. Volunteer at a homeless Shelter
  59. Sleep in a Castle
  60. Crochet something more than a string
  61. Host Kentucky Derby party (Check! May 2014 - probably a yearly thing now!)
  62. Tofino
  63. Successfully grow chick peas, almonds, artichokes and figs
  64. Create a Meditation Garden
  65. Construct hammock station for reading/napping
  66. Restring my necklaces: silver bead and aquamarine/pearl (February 2014 but will likely have to restring them again to make them sturdier)
  67. Get back into drawing/sketching/painting
  68. Get a really good DSLR to use with my Tamron lenses
  69. Own a turquoise car (I can totally see my Disco painted a metallic baby aqua in a few years)
  70. Own a Corgi (My friend Stina's dog, Chunk, is a Corgi, and what a good dog he is!)
  71. Replace the basement windows
  72. Construct cabana and pergola (extend existing poolhouse)
  73. Baby Seal Pinata (Sept 2013)
  74. Road trip to California (July 2012)
  75. Visit an Alpaca Farm
  76. Reupholster that sexy couch in the sunroom (April 2018)
  77. Refinish the table in the sunroom (May 2012)
  78. Chunk all Teflon cookware (chunked Nov 2011 except the wok, fondue pot and skillet)
  79. Cook with cast iron cookware (Nov 2011)
  80. Ride around in a VW Beetle and catch people saying "Punch Buggy" or "Slug Bug"
  81. Reconnect with my childhood best friend SDW
  82. Organize crafts to do in notebook - print/write and slip into clear pockets (Nov 2011)
  83. Make migas for my senor (02/17/14)
  84. Make burlap/linen advent calendar and donate "folksy" one we have (11/28/11)
  85. Bunk beds for Little Ones (Scott and Emi took care of this Dec 2011)
  86. Wall hangings for Gathering Room
  87. Grow hops for Scott's home brew (April 2016)
  88. Make wine
  89. Read the entire Bible
  90. Juice Cleanse
  91. Hike Joshua Tree
  92. Grow Espalier Fruit Trees (6 varieties of apples? yes!)
  93. Visit San Diego Zoo (July 2012)
  94. Build sun room storage/seating unit on East wall, smaller mud room area in SW nook
  95. Paint/Stain front porch (April 2018)
  96. Go to Manhattan (November 2012)
  97. Visit NoLiTa district and get a Nolita t-shirt (or shoes, I'm not picky)
  98. Drive down the PCH in a convertible with my man (no kids)
  99. Run/Walk/Stroll through Central Park (November 2012)
  100. Cultivate lavender plants (#fail #notsureIcandothis)
  101. Climb Diamond Head
  102. Archery
  103. Go Paddleboarding
  104. Read a book I enjoyed in English in French.
  105. Read a book I enjoyed in English in Tagalog.
  106. Harvest grapes, bottle wine in Napa.
  107. Write/publish Children's book(s).
  108. Learn about Orienteering and teach the kids.
  109. Grow Strawberry Figs
  110. Learn to walk properly in heels
  111. Visit Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve
  112. Make pancake/waffle syrup.
  113. Pull up carpet in Master Bedroom and restore wood floors.
  114. Convert basement room into bedroom for David. (February 2018) 
  115. Drive down to the Keys on the Overseas Highway to see where Bloodline is set. (Get photo on the famous curved palm. Eat at the the Beach Cafe. (June/July 2015)
  116. Hike to Supai (and back)
  117. Mine for Turquoise
  118. PMP Certification (March 2018)

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  1. Hey Nolita just saw your blog... curious about somethings on your list. Lets catch up. Call me
    Your ol' buddy
    Bill Cole


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