24 February 2006

10 February 2006

Maybe I'm Amazed

This morning Emi and I took Mickey and her mom to the airport and said our "goodbyes". It was a very difficult thing to do, but we never tried to talk her out of her decision. We never wanted to cause any pain for her and I think she understood that. We had a nice time with her and the baby here this week and she seemed to take to caring for the baby with ease. We had some really nice talks and last night she let the baby sleep in our bed with us. Both girls slept in between us. McCartney had some really sweet smiles for us on this last day.

Emi and I went to the Waffle House after we left the airport to have some quality time with just us. She seemed happy to have me to herself again. She asked me if I was sad and I told her I was....that I missed the baby. On the way home we were stopped at a redlight and "Maybe I'm Amazed" (Paul McCartney) came on the radio. It really hit home....

Tonight when I asked Emi if she missed the baby, she said "no". She then said "I miss no one." and a few seconds later said "I miss mommy and daddy". We are so thankful for our precious Emi. I can't imagine going through this without her.

07 February 2006

Wisdom of Solomon

This morning after prayer and lots of talk, we contacted Mickey's birth mom and asked her to come stay with us for a few days. We wanted to be sure that she felt comfortable taking care of the baby and we wanted to have some sort of transition. After all, we have grown attached to the baby and it's the least she could do in consideration of our feelings.

We were not looking to adopt another baby when she had called us, but we had faith that God wanted us to adopt her and went through the effort and time to do the paperwork, pay attorneys, get physicals, fly to NY and stay for 2 weeks, as well as caring for the baby since she was born.

We had been home for 2 weeks and were moving forward with our lives as a created family and she did not understand the ramifications of her actions at this point....she was very emotional, which is totally understandable. We felt like we understood her situation and were the most sympathetic to her needs than any of her family or the birth father's family. She agreed to stay with us for a few days.

06 February 2006

Devastation Day 2

I woke up with puffy eyes this morning and Emi kept asking me why I was crying. I told her that the baby was going back to NY to live. Emi told me not to cry because the baby was still right here. Every time she caught me crying, she'd try to reassure me that everything was going to be fine. Later, Scott talked to McCartney's birthmom and tried to piece together what was going on. She wanted us to meet her at the airport tomorrow to drop off the baby. He told her that we were not going to do that - that we had concerns about the welfare of the baby. We were not trying to keep the baby from her, but we needed some time also - this was happening too fast.

05 February 2006

Smiles and Shellshock

Today after church we gathered at my dad's house for lunch as usual. Uncle Gabe who is usually working got to join us and meet Mickey for the first time. She had a bunch of smiles for him.

Later today when we got home, I was checking my e-mail and got the message that the birth mom had changed her mind. My attorney called us to let us know as well. We feel like we've been punched in the gut.. I don't think I put the baby down the whole night.

04 February 2006

Invasion of the Grandparents

We were graced with a visit from Scott's mom, Mema, Grandmother and Granddad today. They all wanted to see and hold the baby and give her gifts. Grandmother made a blanket especially for Mickey and Mema got her some precious outfits, one of the outfits had Minnie Mouse on it. It was a great visit and we were proud to show off precious baby girl.

McCartney looks like she's so content in Mema's arms. We have the same picture of Emi in Grandma Babe's arm when she was just a tiny baby...