22 June 2011

The Midnight Special

A few weeks ago Scott purchased this video collection and we've watched a couple of the DVDs with Emi, infusing her mind with yet more musical inspiration (or embarrassment?). I have caught some of the acts while checking my FaceBook account and updating my blog and it's been quite a trip. In the earliest videos (1972), the performers seem kinda wary about busting moves or really getting into their performances. Maybe it was the bright lights or the sober audience? And while we were watching the Bee Gee's performance of Nights on Broadway we learned where Elaine's dance moves originated.

We watched Jim Croce sing Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and thought about how different things are today with promoting talent - how much simpler things were back then.  He died in a fiery plane crash soon after this performance. Back in August 2000 Scott and I were on a trip to San Diego and we actually met Jim's widow, Ingrid Croce, at her restaurant, Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar and  in the Gaslamp District. She was kind enough to bring her cookbook - Thyme in a Bottle - to our table and sign it for me! (That was such a good trip for us!)

Each time we watch a performance I am anxious to see if it evokes any déjà vu for me. So far it hasn't happened but probably because I was only 3-5 years old at the time the screened videos aired and probably not up past midnight. And if I WAS up that late, I'm sure I didn't have the TV on. Perhaps as we view the latter DVDs, say 1979-1981 I might have a flashback to when I saw it originally. Until then, I will enjoy (and sometimes cringe while) watching The Midnight Special.

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