19 January 2015

Waiting on a Sign (Peace Sign)

Day 2 of prepping the yard and taking care of things we should have already done. I got the circle bed turned over and ready to go.

My Plot of Dirt
Soaking up some Vitamin D.

18 January 2015

Sunday Funday

Today was gorgeous! We went to church, then afterwards met my parents at Ray's Smokehouse for some always yummy BBQ.

After lunch, Aubri and I got busy in the yard digging up a space for the Peace Tulip bed. I wish I could say we finished this effort. I got a nice outline shoveled out, but we found quite a bit of landscaping cloth underground with weed roots embedded so we did what we could for a while, and then we punted to go on a bike ride around campus.

I have 118 tulip bulbs to incorporate into this garden:
  • 54 'Clouds of Cotton' (purple and white)
  • 18 'Jelly Bean Jumble' (multicolor)
  • 18 'Wowie Kazowie Blend (multicolor)
  • 18 Red Impression
  • 10 Purple Prince

17 January 2015


‎I should be sorting through 2014 pictures so I can make the annual Morgan Slideshow but I came across this article on making cheese. And this cool recipe for a clean eating Vegan PB Shake.

Also, this Spring-like weather reminded me that I totes forgot to plant bulbs in a cool pattern to enjoy in the Spring. I think it's not too late so I will need to run get some bulbs!!

Yesterday was a nice day off from work.  Scott and I were able to have a delicious lunch at a cool eatery we'd been wanting to check out for a while.

LOCAL Portabello Fries with Truffle Aioli 

08 January 2015

Wood Shop

Saturday, when we went in search of project and cleaning supplies at Home Depot, we wandered into the middle of a kidlet wood shop. We were looking for cedar closet liner planks (for my musty English dresser).

How serendipitous!