04 November 2018

The Big 1-0!

Aubri turned 10 recently and we crammed her birthday party in right before the last soccer game of the season.


02 November 2018

Puppy Love

Last week Emi brought home the CUTEST little pup. He was only 6 weeks old and was as big as Gracie was full grown! She had named him “Rocco” already and would not let me rename him to “Toblerone” even though he looks like a “Toby”… so yummy! His dad is an Australian Shepherd and his mom is a Labrador so he is an Aussiedor. He’s quite a bit like a new born human baby in that he sleeps a lot and sometimes he’s frustrated that he can’t communicate his needs to us.

This is Rocco on the Monday night that Emi brought him home.

Look at those cute kissing marks and his pot belly!

23 October 2018

What da heck?

Scott woke me up asking if I was ok because I was turned away from him and all the way to the edge of the bed. I had been having a really strange dream….

It started off in 1978. I was Elaine Benes riding in a bus in a big city. My friend Bob was driving the bus, and he looked like a young Bobby De Niro. I just happened to have Bob’s 2018 cell phone for some reason, so I texted him to let him know that he was driving the bus! And that he looked like somebody famous (You talking to me?). Then I was at a co-worker’s baby shower in their studio apartment. The space was small and lined with closed circuit cameras. I took out some Visine while the guests were in the other room and sprayed all of the camera lenses (there were a lot of them) to disable them. I guess this also disabled the lights because the room went dim and the next thing I knew, I was putting a 3-4 month smiling baby girl into a carrier in the front seat of my car like no big deal. We were driving off when Scott woke me up…