25 April 2016

Working with Wood

Reconfigured Pallets

Stained Pallets

Horse and Alf, Apparently
Horse and Alf Profiles, Apparently

23 April 2016

Boozin' it Up in the House

A few weeks ago I bought some cheap vodka to replenish my low supply of vanilla extract.

I only had 2 amber bottles to refill so I used a clean jar for the remainder vanilla beans.

10 April 2016

I Suck at Baking

So, I got really ambitious with the malted cake deal and as I am typing this, I am baking cakes that I am not sure will turn out. The batter tasted good to me but 10 minutes into the bake as I was messaging with my brother on Siblings Day, I realized I forgot the milk!

29 March 2016

Getting Down and Derby

Last year we punted the Derby Party because we were covered up with activities and everyone else was busy too, but this year we are excited about hosting it again.

And looking at what's trending in derby party ideas I see that I need more roses, horses, hats, argyle and bowties!