28 August 2016


We threw some old watermelon seeds into the raised bed garden a few weeks ago - I think they were the yellow watermelon variety - and soon we had a monster vine growing onto the rocks on the East side of the pool.

Sweet Watermelon
Pretty leaves on a pretty vine.

27 August 2016


Back in mid-May, my beautiful cilantro bolted.

Bolted Cilantro
Still smelled so good!

20 August 2016

Playing Catch Up

Last night I finally finished creating our 2014 slideshow. I almost punted doing it, but I really do enjoy reflecting on the year and I think it's important. It's a pain sorting through a whole year of photos, then editing them and the transitions for maximum viewing pleasure, and then adding in the music, but I am always happy with the final product. #laboroflove

Next up, 2015. I hope to be done with that one before I need to get started on 2016.

P.S. My kids are so photogenic! Love to see how much they've grown through the years.

14 August 2016


I probably mentioned this before, but I am slogging my way through Atlas, Shrugged this summer. 50 freakin' CDs! I know, it's not like I'm wearing my eyes out reading it or something, but OMG! My normal audio books are in the 2-10 disc range normally. I finished up CD 35 a couple of weeks ago, but the next CDs weren't quite available yet. For a while I was distracted with my reunion and things, but after things quieted down last week, I felt I was having withdrawals of listening to Scott Brick reading to me. I was very happy to check the last set of these CDs out from the library this past weekend so I can try to finish this book by the end of the month.