07 November 2015


I just got back from a week in California and the weather here is just like there - gorgeous! Hard to think about Christmas when it's sunny and warm out but once we get past our first Thanksgiving meal this weekend, we might be ready to put up the tree. I did purchase a Christmas ornament while I was away though.

Not really Christmasy but fits in with the eclectic collection of ornaments we already have...

05 November 2015

Mummy's the Word

I was sick with a head cold most of last week, but David really wanted to go to the Mummy and Son Masquerade Dance with me the night before Halloween, so I rallied and we went for the short dance.

Totally 80's Mummy and Power Ranger Son

24 October 2015

Camping Juxtaposition

Last Saturday my family dispersed into 3 different directions to camp out for the evening. I slept in a treehouse with Aubri and 5 of her friends (and a couple of moms) in Southwest Oklahoma.

I think the treehouse camping spoiled us from regular camping...