24 September 2014

Post Lake Party Cleaning Tips

This past Saturday our social calendar was overstuffed. My parents had their annual lake party which meant that we made the requisite 10 gallons of sangria with the requisite wine that my friend makes. By the way, the lake is the main source of our drinking water, and it is currently "turning over".  Our tap water tastes "musty" like I imagine the water in Herschel's 3rd well tastes right about now. Even the triple-filtered tap water at Starbuck's is off.

I couldn't help but notice that the water in the lake doesn't smell bad like our tap water does after treatment. I wonder just what they are using to filter the water. Hmmmmm...  I stuck to sangria and bottled water.

Sangria, Sangria
Sangria starter - apples, limes, lemons, oranges and blueberries soaking in brandy and red wine...

18 September 2014

Skating By

This picture flashed up on the iMac earlier today and I had to hunt around on the network drive to find it later because I wasn't quite sure when it was taken. Emi's first time at Skateland! It was still Skateland back then and she wasn't obsessed with going there every Friday night. Now it's StarSkate and everything's different.

December 2005
She was 3 then, Daddy's little girl. Now she's 12 and sometimes she's daddy's little girl, and other times, she too cool for that. Our pretty little girl has turned into a pretty young lady who likes to remind me how soon she'll be driving...

Rylan's Skating Party
A month ago

10 September 2014