26 June 2016

Photo Op

Yesterday a childhood friend of mine took me and my sister-in-law for a ride up high over Norman.

Up and Away

17 May 2016


On a normal morning I will have coffee and eggs for breakfast or an almond milk shake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream protein powder.  When I take the time to eats eggs, my hunger is satisfied until lunch. When I have a shake as a quick "meal", I am hungry before lunch. I am not complaining, because the shake is better than no breakfast, or the McD's drive-thru, but I do not like cheating myself out of the most important meal of the day.  In preparation of another busy morning, I made some Overnight Oats . This is nothing new. The oats definitely keep my stomach from growling too soon.

Overnight Groats
I like to warm this up a little before I eat it...

Urban Farm Girl

My compost garden looked pretty impressive until you looked closer and see that the healthiest plants growing in there were Hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium), Black medic (Medicago), also called trefoil, black clover or hop clover, polk weed, johnson grass, etc...

Compost Garden?
Before the Weeding

16 May 2016

Derby Party Food and Decoration

Back in April, we gathered and froze rosebuds to serve with the mimosa sangria (then promptly did not use them at the party). I also ordered the mint julep cups which we did use. Those were souvenir cups for the guests.

Rose Ice
Halfway through the Rose Ice Block Formation