31 March 2017

Ruh Ruh Roker Face

Earlier this week, Emi and I participated in Rokerthon 2017! I wasn't sure what to expect from the description of the event, but I had friends there and also, AL! We got up way early, getting to the stadium before the 4:45 deadline, and the wind was whipping around already. The students were giving out breakfast burritos, water and Kind bars (yum!). We were ushered to a specific section to sit and await further instruction.

Sometime later, a guy came by and handed out Roker Faces. I ended up wearing mine like a turtle shell when I needed to put my hands in my pockets (or take a selfie).

Baby girl joined me for this historic event...

05 March 2017

I'll Fly Away

(My work trip last week expressed in only pictures of food that I ate.)

My Breakfast for Two Days in a Row
Avocado Toast with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pickled Onion, Hard Boiled Egg and Dressed Arugula