29 March 2016

Getting Down and Derby

Last year we punted the Derby Party because we were covered up with activities and everyone else was busy too, but this year we are excited about hosting it again.

And looking at what's trending in derby party ideas I see that I need more roses, horses, hats, argyle and bowties! 

27 March 2016

Coconut Cake (and do-over)

So we made the Speckled Malted Coconut cake last Sunday and I went a little crazy with the substitutions and the cake was a fail. It was definitely edible but it was flat and a little salty. The frosting was really good though. I could not locate brown food coloring gel so I left out the "speckle".

Non-Speckled Malted Coconut Cake

25 March 2016

Breaking Spring (on the cheaps)

Spring Break was upon us before we really had a plan formulated, so we went with the default option of camping. Luckily our family loves to camp. We wanted to get out of Oklahoma, but not too far out, so we ended up in lovely,  windy Waveland Park in Arkansas. We originally discussed staying at the Lodge at Mount Magazine, but we wanted to fish and rough it, so we went with camping within walking distance of the water instead.

Setting up Camp

14 March 2016

Coconut Concoctions

So last year for Easter I made an incredible tasting coconut cake. And today another cool coconut cake came through my FaceBook feed, and I am going to have to try it. Soon. I am already thinking about the substitutions. Like coconut oil vice canola.

This cake marries two favorite flavors of mine and Scott's - coconut and malted milk. The frosting contains butter, creme of coconut and vanilla! Yum! 

And I found another coconut themed "recipe" to try tonight.  Coconut oil, honey and salt. Tastes like caramel and is supposed to be a natural remedy to help one sleep through the night.

Note: I tried this last night (because I didn't publish this post before TWD) and I can report that I 1) thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this delight, and 2) I slept like a baby until my alarm woke me up (low battery) in the middle of the night. Will have to try this again soon...

07 March 2016

Working It Out (February Recap, Part Deux)

Two days later I was back in California for work.  The food this trip was outstanding, including the Evil Thai Princess salad I had at the Phoenix Airport (from La Grande Orange) and the Greek Salad from the company cafeteria.

The first night we dined at Napa Rose. I had the Smiling Tiger Salad with tempura lobster and spicy beef, and the Truffled Mac n Cheese. We also filled our bellies with cheese-crisped triangles of lavash. So, so good!
Smiling Tiger Salad
Smiling Tiger Salad