08 June 2011

Trying Things

I had a whole post about my littlest girlie and how she's Trying Things (Terrible Twos? Terrible Threes?) but she was so stinking sweet and lovable tonight that I decided that that kind of post can wait (as well as the "Terrible" anything phases). Aubri's not the only one trying things though...

We woke up rushed for time this morning and I had on a denim skirt while looking for a top to wear to work. I grabbed a white top out of my closet and by the time I was in front of the kids' full length mirror to see how it looked, I realized it was not a top but a recent purchase from Athleta - a white Teelicious® Duh Dress. I was running late and it worked for me. I added my favorite belt and Emi's cool turquoise earrings and necklace, thinking folks might be distracted by the accessories (and my toes) to zero in on the fact that I was wearing a dress over a skirt but I still ended up telling everyone who complimented me on my attire about the skirt under dress. I loved the look and ordered 2 more to wear with leggings, or over a knit skirt or better yet, with a big scarf tied around the waist. This dress is very comfy, but a little thin, so that's why I was okay with wearing it to work - my office is cold and I could use the extra layer...

What do you think? Did I pull it off?

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