01 June 2011

Tea and China

When we got married (So Long Ago) we registered for 10-12 place settings of Ralph Lauren's "Megan" pattern china. We received 5 place settings and I never got around to getting more before they discontinued our pattern.  That does not keep me awake at night because we have white everyday dishes and we've added plain white plates bought from the thrift store or garage sales to use when we have a bigger group over for dinner.

Finished WreathSo our nice china sat in boxes for years - Dallas condo, Norman apt and then the whole tenure of our Country Living, we're talking 9.5 yrs in toto -until we moved into this house a few years back. I finally unboxed the china and put it into the built-in china cabinet (*which I love*). Occasionally Emi and I would use the cups and saucers for tea. Most of the time they were on display...sort of...you can't really see anything but wine, beer and champagne glasses in this picture.
But last year I decided I wanted to use the "good dishes" more often so I took a cup and saucer to work.

Now I use them almost daily and it brightens my day just a little and reminds me of when we were married so many years ago...

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