31 December 2009

Monterrey Night

Last night some of us "old" friends met up at a favorite local watering hole to drink swirls and reminisce. It was nice to see everybody outside of FaceBook for a change...

Nolita and Stacey


27 December 2009

Christmas Roundup

After the blizzard, we braved the Oklahoma highways and drove to Stillwater to attend a family reunion. No good stories to tell but we survived!! See pics here and here.

Nolita and Keri

Jurie Preeze in her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Snuggie

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Random Pics!

Emi after getting into her stocking.

Handmade ornament from Emi.

Durley, our Christmas kitty.

Emi before opening her gifts.

Emi playing in the snow after breakfast (blueberry tea ring...yum!)

Watering my plants in the sunroom before heading to a family gathering...

My new camera has a "makeup" setting that I wish I could use in real life! Not a stitch of makeup on in this picture and my camera fixed that for me!

24 December 2009

Christmas Eve (aka Okie Blizzard 2009)

Today was crazy weatherwise and forced us to hunker down at the house. I tried to work a half day but only made it to 2.5 hrs hearing about the freezing sleet on the roads. By late afternoon we had white out blizzard conditions and were forced to cancel travel to my parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner. Instead of a nice traditional Cuban pork roast with black beans and rice, we got 2 different kinds of queso for appetizers, biscuits and gravy for the main course and chewy raisin bran cookies for dessert...also some cava. It was a nice peaceful night in watching The Hangover and waiting for Santa...so glad we didn't venture out because all of the major highways in Oklahoma were closed.

We let Emi open one gift tonight following our Christmas Eve tradition and she just happened to love it!

17 December 2009

Favorite Christmas tunes

Good Old Standbys:
Pretty Paper - Willie Nelson
Please Come Home for Christmas - The Eagles
Greensleeves (A Charlie Brown Christmas) - Vince Guaraldi
Blue Christmas - Elvis (Nicole Atkins does a nice version on the Hotel Cafe presents Winter Songs)
Up on the House Top - Jackson 5
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Feliz Navidad

New favorite Christmas songs:
Frosty the Snowman - Fiona Apple
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Jack Johnson
Donde Esta Santa Claus - Straight No Chaser
White Christmas - Michael Buble
Mistletoe - Colbie Caillat
I'll Be Home for Christmas - Holly Conlan

I previewed the songs from The Hotel Cafe presents Winter Songs and really liked them, but later when Scott previewed them at home, many of the songs sounded like something you'd want to hear whilst crying in your beer...Hauntingly Beautiful. Guess my favorite Christmas songs are about the blues or angst or emotion (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) My favorite song on this album is Frosty by Fiona! I totally recommend purchasing this album...and maybe listening to it with a little spirited nog.

14 December 2009

Windows Upgrade

Office Window Before

Office Window After

Bedroom Window Before

Bedroom Window After

03 December 2009


So I totally glossed over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's because the weekend that followed Thanksgiving was Notso Great. Actually it was just mostly Sunday that sucked....and I will get to that in a minute.

Thanksgiving was very nice.

Tuesday Night: Scott and I opened up a bottle of red wine and we: painted the freshly texturized Sun Room walls, shampooed the Living/Lounge carpet, laundered the tablecloths, mopped the floors and wiped down all flat surfaces. The place looked good and cared for...(for once) and Emi had a night of debauchery at her Grandma Babe's house.

On Thanksgiving Eve we: took a load of stuff to the Tip (Dump, Transfer Station), purchased extra white plates (more plates, not more white) from the Salvation Army Store (and scored some pants for the kidro), grocery shopped, picked up the Disco from the shop and managed to not make it to the liquor store before it closed. ;.( The Disco had received another left rear axle and yet it still squeaked on the way home (Aaaiiiieeeee!). Emi and I baked Lemon Zesters and Pumpkin Swirl Brownies that evening and prepped the veggies for roasting and Scott saw Ninja Assassin with his best friend. Girls Night In!

Thanksgiving Day: Scott's family came over and we had dinner potluck style. I wasn't responsible for the turkey so I was relieved. Yet I made gravy which was very labor intensive considering I had to roast turkey parts to get the "brown bits" for the authentic flavor (with love, of course). I made mashed potatoes (yum!) with lots of help peeling from Scott and Christy; and I roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and asparagus) and punted the corn casserole.

Friday was hard for me because I had to schlep in to work. I guess I could have taken the day off, but then I'd be 8 hrs lighter in the Leave Area and I would have had to clean up the mess that was my home. A quiet day at the office it was. That evening we worked on detangling Emi's hair in preparation for an appointment with a local braider. I was having a hard time with combing out her hair because my CPS flared up with the Weekend Warrior projects we'd taken on as of late. Rat tail comb in hand for an hour combing out the dredded braids (only had 4 left at the time) made my right hand numb and tingling so Scott and Emi helped me out. [We will be SO, SO, SO happy when Emi can do this feat on her own....]

Saturday was even harder because I thought it would take "just a minute" to comb out the little braids that I had worked on for the past 2 weeks but the dreds that we combed out got gnarled already and the little bitty "yarn strand" braids that I had done were taking a lot longer. At one point we just had to leave to get to her appt. The lady was was busy braiding another girl's hair when we got there so we learned a bit about the process. She added synthetic hair to the natural hair in sections, then braided box braids, then she lit the end of the synthetic hair with a lighter to seal it. That part was a little alarming to Emi and me, but she assured us that she was not burning her real hair.

Not wanting to burden this woman with combing out Emi's hair, I stayed for a bit and detangled some, then the woman said it would be better if I left. I was excited for Emi to have a new hairstyle not created from my amateur hands and I left. I had to peel Emi off of me in the process because she wanted me to stay and I promised her a meal at Pop's and that we'd get her Style Lab Jewelry Design for her DS if she was good. An hour later we were on our way to pick her up because she had changed her mind. Her scalp was tender and she wasn't giving the new lady any chance at combing or braiding. Emi has a very strong will so I guess we shouldn't be so surprised.

I was very disappointed because I had high hopes with this hair endeavor. The last time I let anyone attempt to work on her hair didn't end so well...

So we took our girl home thinking we could get her hair combed out and braided into big soft braids enough to get her back to the stylist. That's what we were thinking Saturday afternoon. We decided to give it a day so we could rest and recoup, so Emi went to bed in her satin scarf and we watched Slumdog Millionaire (I know, finally!) and all was good.

The next morning I really got a good look and feel and her hair seemed even more dry and gnarled....(think Buckwheat). I was definitely not up for the task of getting her hair conditioned and styled any time soon. I was upset that the 2 weeks of work I had done was erased and I was way further back in this task than I was 2 weeks ago. I sprayed some leave-in conditioner into the matted mess and sectioned (as best I could) 3 "puffs" of hair into rubber bands. That was as good as it got before she went to see her MeeMaw and PeePaw.

Later that evening, I shampooed her hair and slathered in a blob of the Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie to start loosening the knots. I combed out some tresses in the front and made 4 braids, only wanting to attack this chore in smallish chunks for both of our sakes. It's a slow going process but we got through Sunday (which is a HUGE deal considering the funk I was in). I got a few more braids in the other night and it's looking better and more manageable each day.

I am so thankful that her hair is natural and healthy and growing out. I don't want her to think she has to have straight hair to have "good" hair. I still don't quite understand the adding of synthetic hair to the mix so maybe it was a sign for her to not go through with the braiding the other day. But I truly do understand why I should braid....

02 December 2009

Treat Me Right

I've seen so many lists on other blogs for gift ideas for you to purchase this holiday season and it inspired me to make a list of my own. Only these items are gifts that I already have, rather, products that make me happy or just less crabby...which is a gift to my family!
1) Tui Hair Smoothie This stuff is SO AWESOME! My little girl has kinky, curly, wild, napptural hair and this stuff is the ONLY stuff that truly detangles her hair. It's so yummy smelling too. We love the Tui and Black Vanilla, but baby girl does not like the Khoret Amen scent. We order direct from Carol's Daughter and sometimes we get the stuff from Macy's if we are already shopping there. Other Carol's Daughter products we keep in stock at our house are: Tui Leave-in Conditioner, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, Healthy Hair Butter, Some of Marguerite's Magic, Lisa's Hair Elixir and Tui Hair Oil.
2) Chick-Fil-A
Why oh why didn't I treat myself to a Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake too?
I was there at lunch today (hence the drive through Chick-Fil-A) just to pick up a bag of pom poms for baby girl's class project. Thrice I had items in my hand that were not pom poms and had to put them back on the shelf. Hobby Lobby is so inspirational for us that we often leave with a cartful of items that we may or may not use once we get home and start baking cookies. Not sure why that is...
4) Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil scented hand soap.
Doesn't leave an obnoxious scent on your hands afterwards. I find the scent pleasant. That is all.
5) Amazon's Subscribe and Save: Grocery service.
I am not good at budgeting money or sticking to lists at the grocery store (I did prove today that I could stick to the list at Hobby Lobby, but it was VERY HARD) so I really appreciate that with this grocery service I can "set it and forget it". Here are some of the items that I have auto-shipped to me that save me quite a bundle (discounts, gas and schlepping): instant oatmeal, chicken stock, fruit and nut bars, artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent & fabric softener. These are staple items and the food is organic! I pay no tax, no shipping and get a 15% discount for auto-shipping when I want. I get an e-mail when the next shipment is getting ready to process and I can cancel if I have enough product or I can have the shipment shipped early if I run out. Love, love, love this!!!

22 November 2009

Feeling Festive

This weekend was busy, busy, busy with household projects:

  • Finally removing the 70's blinds from the sun room
  • Then lovingly and artfully applying joint compound to the walls in the sun room (thinking about painting the walls a glittery color, perhaps silver)
  • Rigging new lamp shade spiders to work with our current swag lamp fixtures (hooray for hubby's new soldering skills!)
  • "Touch up" painting the walls in the Gathering Room (from 3 years ago)
  • And this...

Yes, we put our tree up!

And we watched a Christmas show (Fred Clause) while we decorated our home...

We also got to meet up with my brother (who I get to see maybe once or twice a year) for dinner as he was passing through town back from a hunting trip.

Lamp Shade Shuffle

Last year I bought 2 cool swag lamps from Lamps Plus.

They were nice for a couple of weeks, then I decided to redo them.

It was a frustrating experience with spray adhesive, thin fraying material and "bubbling". So we put up with my lamp shades for the last year and then I happened upon some shades on sale at PBTeen.com.

Scott had to cut out the spiders from the old shades and solder them into the new ones to make them fit the swag chandeliers and I think they look great in our living room. Our living room feels more loungey now.

18 November 2009

Ozzie's and Scary Moments...

Today I finally got to see my good friend, Tamara, for lunch at Ozzie's at the airport. Ozzie's is known for their coffee, breakfasts and steak dinners. Many people forget about this place because it's tucked away on North Campus at the small commuter airport, so it was nice to rediscover it with a great friend... they keep your coffee mug full and everyone calls you "Hon". I could have spent the rest of the afternoon there with my friend, having pie and coffee and watching the small planes take off and land...but I opted to go back to my office...

Later this afternoon when I rounded the corner to Emi's school, an ambulance was parked in the street and a fire engine blocked the drive, both with their lights flashing. I saw a fireman carrying an immobilization board to the playground and my heart pounded as I called Scott. A few emergency workers and teachers were grouped around the Big Toy and one of the teacher's was heading my way. I asked if Emi was ok and she said she was...~~~re-lief~~~

Inside I grabbed Emi and squeezed her and she immediately starting giving me the play by play of the boy falling off of the Big Toy onto his arm and then passing out after screaming for a minute. She got upset when we saw EMSA loading the boy into the ambulance, and while I assured her that he'd be alright, my watering eyes showed her that I was still upset.

Warms the Heart

Warming up the Heart
Warming up the Heart,
originally uploaded by nolitamorgan.
Last Friday I tagged along with Emi's Girl Scout Troop to a Build-A-Bear Workshop where the girls made bears for the children of the women living in our local women's shelter. It was cute to watch the girls pick out their bears, warm their hearts, name them, clean them and dress them for their new owners. While they were given permission to "foster" the bears and return them before Christmas, we opted to let "Allison" go home with the Scout Leader so we wouldn't get too attached. The girls had a nice time hanging out at the mall and working on their community badges...

17 November 2009

My BlackBerry is Mocking Me!

So I had just finished wolfing down the rest of that blissfully smooth and decadent dark chocolate bar (gluten and dairy free) and was texting my hubby about it when my BlackBerry called me OUT! It was actually after my gluttonous confession when I was trying to text that I had "brought" a whole cut up pineapple to nosh on and my BB asked me if I meant 'bepiggy'..
Maybe it's time to switch to an iPhone?

16 November 2009

Dreading vs. Dredding

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods since July when I pre-ordered it and it finally arrived TODAY! I found a link to Sweet Salty from Better Now earlier this year and was excited to hear that Kate was writing her first novel, a children's book. If it's anywhere near as good writing as her blog entries are, we are in for a real treat. That woman can tell a story. Because of Kate and her beautiful writing, I have put Nova Scotia on my list of places to travel. May not get to crack open the book until the end of the week because my evenings are booked with Emi hair appointments. I am painstakingly combing out the braids and dividing them into smaller braids, one section at a time to keep all of our sanity...it's barely working because her hair has loc'd a little, but her hair is slowly looking cute and cared for again. And we stop before either one of us is in too much pain and sleep it off...Book review and braid pics to come...

15 November 2009


A few weeks ago at church, after a talk about animals in the Bible, some nice people had rabbits and snakes for the children to pet and handle. There was NO WAY I was going to handle that snake...but I was proud of Emi for feeling the fear and still picking the snake up.... give me the heebie jeebies still thinking about it..

11 November 2009

Well Red

Think I will sleep out here tonight, thank you very much!

The New Deal

Freshly Shorn
Freshly Shorn,
originally uploaded by nolitamorgan.
Ok, so here's the new deal. The nice clean doggies were allowed to hang out on the old couch for its last evening here. The new red section(s)als were delivered this evening and the pups will not be allowed on these.

10 November 2009

Seeing Red

So last night we decided to finally bite the bullet and go shopping for replacement couches or a sectional so that we can transform our living room from its current frat house rec room feel into something more sophisticated, yet cozy. We drove to the city and checked out 3 furniture stores and luckily for us, the experience got progressively better with each store we visited. Either that or we got worn down...

The first place we visited is the "go to" place for furniture in Oklahoma it seems. We've gotten most of our furniture over the years from Mathis Brothers, so it's the default place for us. [Did I mention we have no IKEA here?] After fueling up on leftovers at home, we trekked up to Mathis Brothers and upon entering the store were immediately stopped by the nice sales lady in waiting. We told her what we were looking for and then we made a break for the leather sectionals. We learned the difference between genuine leather (the real deal) and bonded leather (bologna equivalent). We looked high and low and were met with sales people galore and a whiny 7 year old who didn't like any of the couches we showed interest in.... she kept trying to get us to buy furniture that looked like it belonged in Alice in Wonderland or in an old folk's home.

On the way upstairs we witnessed a sales lady on her cell phone at the bottom of the escalator shouting at some shoppers on the up escalator "Are you okay?" with annoyance in her voice. They nodded their heads like they were ok (not sure they spoke English) and she yelled for them to get her if they needed anything (in a sort of threatening tone). We walked passed her and saw that her face matched her tone. She didn't try to sound or look happy to help the patrons...she seemed bothered that she had to take time away from her phone call. Wonder how that technique works for her...

Most of the brown leather couches looked on the cheap side and the one sectional that Scott and I liked (was specially tied 8 ways or something like that according to the salesman) was black and in the wrong configuration. We wanted red (raspberry) leather in the reverse configuration and THAT would have to be special ordered...and there would be additional fees applied...as well as they would need 40% down. Okee. We took the nice salesman's card and proceeded to the next store.

At Bob Mills we were met with a friendly sales guy who immediately took us to the most expensive Italian leather sectional (made in China) which was not hand tied 8 ways (according to him not the best). We admired it for a bit then looked at the sectional next to it which was cheaper, came with a free ottoman and 27" inch flat screen TV. Guess which one Emi wanted? While we muddled over the decision, the nice salesguy whisked our child away to retrieve some BALLOONS for her and give us some peace and quiet. After imagining what each sectional would actually look like in our living room, we decided that neither would work. We left for the next store hoping for some free snack food or coffee.

At Galleria Furniture we smelled baking bread in the parking lot. Interesting marketing technique...I like it! We went inside and were not immediately accosted by sales people....and Christmas music was playing...Oh Galleria, you sly dogs! What a way to get shoppers in the mood! We flitted around looking at gorgeous sectional after another when an older unassuming salesman came by to check in with us and offer himself up for questions. I liked how he let me do most of the talking...showed he knows how to handle a 40 year old female customer (that or he's been married for a long time). I enjoy the hang back sales technique...practically lets the customers sell the product to themselves... (And I excel at THAT!)

We found a configurable "sectional" that really peaked our interest - it's actually a bunch of pieces (corner, armless and ottoman) that we can configure however we want (no special order or special pricing) to fit our space and needs. The 3 of us seemed to be settling on the modular brown leather pieces (we love options!) until Emi pointed out same deal in red! The brown leather option was yesterday's news. So, we ordered 3 corner pieces, 4 armless pieces and 2 ottomans....all without measurements just guestimates of how many pieces will fit nicely into our living room. Half of the pieces were in stock and will be delivered tomorrow and the rest will come in from Dallas next week. We are so excited about getting rid of the green leather sleeper sofa and moving the futon up to the guest room. Will post pics later....

29 October 2009


When Emi was in Kindergarten, I coveted the Gingko trees close to her school because they were a brilliant yellow a couple of months after school started. When she was in 1st grade I planted a Gingko treeling in the frontyard and another in the backyard. This year we have our very own YELLOW!

24 October 2009

Favorite Things So Far This Month

  • U2 360° Tour with the Black Eyed Peas was a great concert. We couldn't find a sitter (in town) because everyone in Norman was going to the concert, so we took Emi with us. We walked to the concert and stayed until almost 11pm, left while U2 was playing Sunday, Bloody Sunday. We listened to the rest of the concert from our house. U2 hadn't been to Norman in 26 years and we felt privileged to be a part of the history...and the "Claw" was a very cool stage...
  • Chocomole!!! While we didn't have all of the ingredients to make Jason Mraz's Chocomole, we made up something very deliciously close! Emi and I put 3 ripe avocados, raw cacao powder, cream of coconut and vanilla extract into the food processor and processed it with a little bit of water to thin. The resultant chocolate "mousse" was so rich, creamy and healthy. Next time we will try it out with dates...and take some pics. This comfort food is definitely a keeper!
  • Basketball!
  • Sleepover with Emi's sisters and seeing them being sisters!
  • More time with my family...

23 October 2009

Happiness is a Warm Seat

I got my Disco back from the shop in record time yesterday (Thanks, Charlie!) so today was a Good Day. I was having some important work done (rear axle replaced) and some other Very Important Work done (replacing the driver seat) so this winter I can once again enjoy a heated seat. Last year I was rather distraught when the driver seat heater stopped working. So we're back in business now...
Tonight was really great. After school Emi's birth mom and sisters came over for dinner, some play time at the park and to witness Emi's first basketball game. It was so much fun to watch. Emi's played soccer for 3 years and already with just 1 game we are inlove with basketball over soccer.
Some things b-ball has over soccer:
  • Indoors
  • Four 6 minute quarters
  • Short season (like 5-6 games in toto)
Why soccer is better than b-ball:
  • Fresh Air
  • ??
I love that our daughter is into team sports so soccer is great for that, but I do not like that the soccer fields are situated just so that we get all the inclement weather that occurs in Normantown. Cold and wet seem to converge onto whatever field we are currently on and there is no windbreak (currently). Guess it's good for building character? Doesn't help MY spirit, but it's not about me. Besides, I have a functioning seat heater again! (Yea, me!)
I tried to capture video while still watching the game (as is very obvs in this here video) so this is the best of the batch. Enjoy!

22 October 2009

[Nifty title goes here]

To learn, read.
To know, write.
To master, teach.
Found these words tied to my tea bag today.

17 October 2009

10 October 2009

Dog Pillow

Emi's sister Shae uses Abbey as a pillow...and Abbey doesn't mind this at all....

09 October 2009

Hope & Airbrushing

Last night as I was going through spelling words with Emi (-one,-ose, -ope) she came across "hope" and bragged to me, "I've known how to spell 'hope' my entire life." Her realization really hit me because I know that my daughter will experience so many negative things in life (she already has experienced so much in her only 7 years of life) and even so, she will remain hopeful.

I have used technology as a means of supporting my "hope" habit over the years and would like to share a bit so that you might become more hopeful too.

A couple years back I was hot and heavy into my high school reunion planning (yes, I was That Person) and I became addicted to finding "lost" alumni. Don't judge. This was before I was introduced to FaceBook and I became great friends with a fellow alumna who also felt the same euphoria I felt as we connected with these long lost souls from high school. [Side note: Too bad we didn't hang out in high school because I'm certain the quality of my high school experience would have been much better.] So, as we were finding lost folks to invite them to our 20 year reunion, I sometimes had to come to terms with some past life messiness.

I had located an ex-boyfriend from my class who I hadn't seen in many years...things between us hadn't ended well or neatly so I was apprehensive about running into him at the reunion or in general. Well, we talked and surprisingly enough, things were not awkward between us. He attended the reunion and I even introduced him to my husband and things went over really well. I had the best time and considered my ex of (we dated almost 4 yrs) to be a friend again...

The following year I was helping my friend's class find lost alumni and in my search, I was faced with more of my past that I needed to address. My senior prom date was a junior. A sweet boy I met during a wrestling fundraiser. I agreed to go to prom with him after he came to my work (Frusen Gladje Ice Cream) armed with a cute puppy. He was so cute and so sweet and direct, played no games and I was NOT falling for it. I was very nervous around boys back then, so when my best friend's date stood her up, I found I had a way out of being alone with my date. I decided to cut prom short and go party with my friend. We took pics at his house after I met his family, then went to prom and possibly had pictures taken there. I brought a change of clothes and had him take me to my friend's house, pick us up some beer and drop us off at a local party place. (I know...special place in Hell for me!)

I don't recall ever seeing him after he dropped us with me toting my bagged prom dress in one hand and a quart of beer in the other. Except for when I googled for images of him to confirm I had the right guy for the reunion. I tracked down his e-mail and apologized profusely for my very immature behavior 20 years prior. He was gracious and accepted my apologies; said he had forgotten that night. E-talking with him was very cleansing for my soul.

Later, I got on FaceBook and found friends from waaay back and it's been a great online reunion (except for all of those pesky apps in FB). I barely have time to check in on my friends' statuses, let alone play games. So thankfully those features can be hidden... Since being on FB I've reunited with my first roommate ever (Hi Stacy!) online and in person. And I've gotten messages with apologies or confessions from old schoolmates....all good and all very unexpected. I guess everything comes full circle....also, I can never run for office!

18 September 2009

Funnel Cake

The girls roped me into getting them a funnel cake on the way back to camp...can't imagine why they wouldn't sit still afterwards ... bzzzzz ... bzzz ...

Do you believe in horse barns?

Sign posted on the horse barn near the public showers at the campground. Maybe the dirty hippies were encroaching on the horses?

TENET –noun any opinion, principle, doctrine, dogma, etc., esp. one held as true by members of a profession, group, or movement.

17 September 2009

Pig Tails

Sporting pig tails for the remainder of the festival so that I don't have to fuss with it....it being my hair...loving the music at the neighboring camp sites. Haven't checked out any of the stages thusfar...

16 September 2009

Follow Da Leader

We did Zumba today instead of tomorrow because of scheduling conflicts with the conference room and the class felt a little different. Could have been that the auto thermostat was 5 degrees higher which had us melting in our workout clothes way earlier than normal. I kept tripping and moving more awkwardly than usual and I caught the teacher laughing more than once when she looked my way. To be fair, I was laughing too at how long it took me to get into the groove (which was just as we were transitioning into the next move). I like to think that the instructor was laughing WITH me not at me, but I also bet she was thinking How can ONE person BE so clumsy? Still love the class and the instructor is awesome!!!

I'll be back...


...and NOT the "marathon" that many of you may have on your Life List to do.

Following a busy day at work, the whole fam went to Target to shop for groceries. For dinner we ended up eating a nice variety of sushi and then things got busy! busy! busy! I cooked a huge batch of Curry Chicken to freeze for near future camping meal, baked this mouth watering recipe for Cheesecake Marbled Brownies to share at the campsite, made a big batch of Turkey Chili to also share with the camp; multiple loads of laundry and dishes, etc!

So ready to get outta town!

Pig Tail