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Let's see. I am a working mother in Central Oklahoma. I am a wife. I am Filipino and Irish (among other things). For 14.5 years I worked in tornado alley providing Configuration Management (CM) support for the NEXRAD weather radars until Jan 2012 when I accepted a job providing CM for the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS up?). While I loved my job at NEXRAD, I needed a change/challenge (chanallenge?). Did I mention that I love my job? (I do!)

We are a fairly conspicuous family and here's why:

We tried starting a family via IVF and FET after suffering through multiple tubal pregnancies and a miscarriage. While we were successful in getting pregnant both times with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), we lost those babies very early on in my pregnancies. We had talked about adoption even while dating so that was a no-brainer, but doing the transracial open adoption was a little different than we'd imagined, and way more awesome for all parties involved!

We have 3 adopted children and they all know their biological family members that choose to be involved. We adopted all 3 via Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption Services and cannot sing the praises of DPAS enough. They have been very supportive of our family as well as all of our birth parents. They are miracle workers!

We love being a "party of five" and even though there are special challenges involved with practicing open adoption, we wouldn't have it any other way. The relationships they have with biological family leave the conversations open for later healing and in the meanwhile, they can experience the love and sharing along the way.

Morgans 2016 from Nolita Morgan on Vimeo.

Morgans in 2015
Morgans in 2014
Morgans in 2013
Morgans in 2012
Morgans in 2011

I am interested in So Many Things so I won't start a list here, but I did start a list here. I am blessed beyond my expectations and I am truly grateful for this.

Thanks for stopping my blog and please stop in and say hi! Oh, and here's my official Blogger profile (not that there's anything interesting in it).



  1. you are amazing and your children are beyond adorable

  2. Our cousin Ty and his wife Alison have tried to get pregnant and tired the IVF and now are about to go the adoption route. My heart hurts for them. I know they ill be wonderful parents. I hope the adoption goes faster than expected so they have their arms filled with love.

    Love your story. I bet you and your family are a becon of hope for so many who are unable to have children. But look at you now. Blessed with three!

  3. Wow I am Italian/ Mexican, living in the Philippines, interesting how things work out!

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