23 November 2014

Day Date

In our busy lives, we've had to be very flexible when it comes to quality time for us parents.  Most days are crammed full of kid things and by the time it gets around to "date night", we are tired, broke, unmotivated, etc. So we've been working dates into the daytime these days while the kids are safely at school.

We decided to check out a place with the best view in the city for lunch and then the surrounding stores and museums. Our first stop was to the downtown library to get change to feed the meter.

Cool Giraffe Painting
Tiny cafe attached to the downtown library...

14 November 2014

Camper Pinata

Scott created the form for me and it looked very similar to the one we used last year for David's baby seal pinata.

This time, I started the messy work in the basement near and over the sink so that I would not have to scrape dried flour/glue residue from the floor afterwards like last year. It worked out much better for me for clean up. I found a roll of newspaperish paper in our craft supplies and used that as the first layer to try to make it crunchy.

Camper Pinata Stage 1
 First  layer of papier-mache dried


So I found an old can of Sweetened Condensed Milk in the cupboard and I didn't want to waste it. It was a little expired, but I live life on the edge (with regard to food, anyway) so I searched around for something that sounded good to me.

Condensed Milk Coconut Pound Cake

This hit the spot - Condensed Milk Coconut Pound Cake. Not too sweet and really good with a cup of strong coffee.

12 November 2014

What TIME is IT?


It might be a while before my mind and body have a grasp of time again. We hosted Aubri's camp themed birthday party a week and a half ago, just a few hours before setting the clocks back an hour.

And just as I was starting to get into my new groove a couple days later, I flew back two hours to the West Coast.

It was a little amusing trying to guess what time it was when trying to meet a connecting flight. It didn't help that the sky waitress for our first connect announced the time an hour ahead... We really had to hoof it (OJ style) to meet our connecting flights this trip, but it was all good. No time to blow money on airport food and gifts in Denver.

The Jet Lag caught up with me on Thursday but I limped along during the meetings and afterwards because I wanted to soak up the time (and shop and eat) while away from the family.

It was a great break away but I was so happy to be home on Friday with my family. That time was filled with picking up my sweet doggie from the vet and packing to go on an overnight camp trip with my littlest and her scout troop.

Monday was a really nice day to be off of work. It was in the 80's and the Autumn colors in my neighborhood (not necessarily in my yard though) were gorgeous.

Gorgeous Fall Color

Yesterday and today have been windy and chilly! Good weather to be back at the office...