30 June 2011

Feeling Chatty

This last month I've had renewed interest in my blog and I decided to challenge myself to post every day. Not exactly NaBloPoMo but something self-directed. While it's been a busy month with the family, work, yard, etc, I was able to:
  • Post every day (sometimes twice)
  • Edit photos using PSE (thanks to Heather for the motivation/inspiration and Ree for the tutorials)
  • Create my first banner (also using PSE)
  • Archive my blog for the first time (I know!)
Thank you for reading my blog and my thoughts. Sometimes I am like an idiot savant letting the posts just come out through my fingertips without any prompting so I hope you will stick around for more. I welcome any feedback on my posts.

Looking forward to what July brings! Stay cool, friends!

1 comment:

  1. Im def thinking blogs are so much better then "social network sites". btw it doesnt like posting my name soo this is Shawna


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