03 June 2011

Twisted Ankle

No, I don't have a twisted ankle but this week I've found myself wishing that the graffiti artists who left their mark in my back drive twisted their ankles running off the other day. I was home for a quick change and we drove through the back drive (which has been like a jungle lately) and noticed a red crown spray painted in the creek, then I turned to our fence and concrete wall across the creek and noticed more painting. Urg! I didn't see anyone back there and yes, juvenile delinquents might assume that the property is city property because of the location but really? In broad daylight? In my day that sort of activity was saved for darker hours.

So now we are thinking of painting the fence after we remove the spray paint from the concrete walls. I also want to transplant some English Ivy to grow up the walls to soften up the concrete a bit. But I'm also thinking about a hot fence, a sniper post and some signs for the little hooligans! Upon closer inspection of the fence it looked like the previous owners had to clean up some graffiti too....maybe THAT'S why they moved!

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