27 June 2011

Lavender Wands

English Lavender and Bananas
This weekend while I was checking on my recovering banana trees (that were thrashed in the hail storm a couple of weeks ago), I noticed how healthy my English Lavender plants were despite the heat. They are so pretty and fragrant and mesmerizing when watched poolside. I was thinking I should probably do something creative with my lavender this year. This morning in my in-box was a prompting from Peaceful Valley that included a video on how to make Lavender Wands! Pretty AND functional.... It's on the list to do in between the flash mob practices and yard work!

Yes, friends, we are participating in a flash mob on the 4th and we are excited and also a bit apprehensive. We have 2 practices this week and we'll be performing to Born in the USA! I am stoked and a little nervous about it but my little girl is looking forward to it. I've only seen it done on Modern Family and that phone commercial so it's a good thing I can laugh at myself. [I just watched the Modern Family flash mob scene again and am feeling embarrassed in advance for myself.]

When I was doing Zumba classes a while back I spent a great deal of the time laughing (for increased heart rate, no?) and I had a great time. Have to remember that instead of focusing on the beady eyes in the crowd. Right after I signed up I had a (mob?) flashback to the 9th grade PE when all of us girls were learning a dance to try out for Pom.  It was set to Gloria. I had fun dancing but I never had the nerve to actually try out. I don't think I could have hacked the pressure so I went out for the swim team instead (where I couldn't hack the pressure either). Actually I LOVED swimming and practicing but when we had to compete, I was like a small dog in a thunderstorm with the nerves. I could not stand the sound of the starting gun and I was the one with all of the false starts... *sigh, good times*

Happy Monday!

**Update: I harvested some lavender tonight and found some twist ties and leftover ribbon from my high school reunion (Go Tigers!) and Emi and I created some magic Lavender Wands. We have enough lavender that we might make a few for gifting. I'll probably put mine in the linen closet...

Lavender Wand

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