12 June 2011

Quality Time

This weekend was another special weekend filled with good memories for our bunch. Papa Dave (the Little Ones' birth father) and Shawna came to stay with us Saturday and we hung out in the pool and back yard for much of the day, grilling out and laughing.

The Rapture
The Rapture or Hot Feet?
PaPa Dave
Hangin' Out with Papa Dave
Breezy Sliding to Shawna
Sliding to Shawna
Later, we went for ice cream. Breezy didn't feel good; I think she got too cold in the pool and her "I'm cute and I'm 'kipping a nap" thing today backfired. She didn't eat any of her pink ice cream... But David enjoyed his chocolate cone enough for the rest of us:

Really Getting After It!

After ice cream we drove around Norman for a bit and the Little Ones were ready for bed when we got home. The adults (and Emi) hung out in the back yard and made a little bonfire in the fire bowl and watched fireflies and talked. It was such a nice ending to a great day.

Before church we decided to go to Ozzie's for breakfast and it was a real treat for David. He looooooves airplanes and he got to see many little airplanes while we ate breakfast. He also got to see a pilot land a medical helicopter outside our window and he was in awe when he came walking in. I wonder if our boy will have a future in aviation?

Watching Airplanes
Breezy's Breakfast
Pilot Someday?
Playing with Papa Dave
Drying Off
Feeling Better
More swimming after church and eating cherries in the backyard. We had such a blessed weekend even though it was just a little over 24 hour visit. Look forward to the next visit.

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