17 April 2017

The Chindi Project

On Good Friday I found a cute little papier-mâché Easter Bunny when I was returning some items back to the craft aisle at Target. I decided I would try to make my Chindi rag project come to fruition because I have not been lucky enough to find a papier-mâché reindeer at Christmastime for the past 3 Christmases, and I didn't want to wait another 7-8 months to do this project.

Saturday evening I got busy tearing t-shirts into strips, twisting them and then hot gluing them onto my bunny. I ran out of glue sticks when I got to her belly button.  I had Scott and Emi stop by 3 stores to no avail.  One CVS was out of business, another closed and Walgreens did not have glue sticks. It was too late to head to Walmart because we the Easter Bunny had to fill the buckets and hide the eggs before bed so we were stuck with this for the night.

Chindi Bunny (in process)
Topless Bunny

16 April 2017

03 April 2017

Horsin' Around

So we're getting geared up to host our 3rd Kentucky Derby party (Burgoo, Bourbon and Bow Ties) and I'm collecting and consolidating my horses. My brother brought this painting back from my mom's house last Summer after I mentioned how much I liked it.  All the way from Florida! My brother must really like me! Three of the horses are beautiful, then the white horse face on the left is a bit scary and then there's Mr. Ed in the middle...

Horsin' Around
"Hey Guys! Whatcha doin'?"