25 March 2011

Biting Off

The end of Spring Break was spent in the yards weeding, hoeing, mulching, planting, raking, bagging and watering. We did take the kids to the zoo too, so it wasn't ALL work (not that the kids worked).

Garden - Day 1

We got the garden started (possibly a little too early for these parts) and lots of seedlings started in the sun room - artichokes, lime basil, kale, tomatoes, basil, marigolds and CILANTRO (going to grow this in staggered batches so we have some all summer). We planted (hopefully not too early) popcorn, cauliflower, watermelon, napa cabbage, bell peppers and cucumber. I am determined to harvest produce this summer.  Emi planted a Jalapeno plant and some red onion too.

Chicken Coop

Scott trimmed up some tree branches and started work on the chicken coop while I excavated a few Mondo (Monkey) Grass plants from the front bed and added in some Creme Brulee Petunias. And instead of digging up some of my neighbor's lovely yellow Columbine plants (the flowers look like little birds), I got myself a trio of maroon, white and purple.

Bird Plant

Also, in an effort to discourage the neighborhood cats from using this bed as a litter box (my cats included!) I dumped a bunch of  broken pecan shells and magnolia cones from the trees in our back yard into this bed. I also added pine bark mulch (the big pieces) because cats "don't like" the big jagged pieces. I used the quotes because, yes, they don't like digging in that stuff but I found a fresh dump on top of a piece of pine bark 3 days later...

In one of our HUGE back yard beds I extracted maybe 2 large bags of leaves and weeds and other plants that may have been purposely put in the bed that have annoyed me for years because of their "take over" nature. I left the pretty Asiatic Lillies, Daylillies and Daffodils, and planted a Bleeding Heart, a Japanese Fern and Dead Nettle.


Luckily some of our plants are coming back. The snapdragons that overwintered in a planter on the front porch and the asparagus (but only 1 shoot from 1 plant at a time - just enough for a snack for the pups).

This year we will also experiment with growing kiwi vines. After we get rid of the hot tub and flagstones to the East of the pool, we will install a pergola and sod and let the kiwi go! I'm looking forward to having a nice relaxing area of the yard besides IN the pool...we are also hoping to convert our chlorine system to a saltwater system this year.

Flounder and the Golfish

We still have to clear out the pond and surrounding area as well as the back drive before either of those areas gets too jungle-like and we are also doing the urban chicken coop thing so STAY TUNED!

11 March 2011

Rhymes with cono

...not really, but sometimes it sounded like it and my thoughts drifted off to the 3rd Season of Dexter where we heard that word often...

We watched Ponyo last Friday whilst having a Living Room Picnic of Pan Fried Bean Burritos (of the Feingold - variety) and queso (of the Rotel variety). The kids were excited because they got to eat in the living room (normally not allowed), but we were not so sure...about the movie, that is. I had only heard from one friend that she was going to take her kids  to see it last year, but nothing else. So we streamed it from NetFlix hoping it would hold our interest and we were surprised. All 3 kids seemed to like it and the 2 adults did as well. I kept thinking of Speed Racer in the beginning (actually all through) and my textured wall revelation 3 years ago. The kids immediately wanted to watch it again so we give it Two Thumbs Up!

08 March 2011

Just The Way You Are

Group Hug

Tonight, after I took that picture, I was holding Breezy and Emi asked what she wanted from me (Breezy had said "Mommy, I want you" after the stories)and I told her that she just wanted me to hold her...that that is what Two Year Olds sometimes want, just to be held. Then as I counted up the months I realized that Aubri is 2 1/3 yrs old, David is 3.5 yrs old and Emi is 8 3/4 yrs old. Where has the time gone? I can't believe that we've had the Little Ones with us for almost a YEAR!