18 January 2016


This long weekend felt a little longer than it actually was because Scott was down with the flu. Single momming it made me appreciate how much I could not do this alone.

Friday wasn't too bad because I was in Errand Mode already: I delivered a trunkful of donations to Salvation Army, big grocery shopped at Sam's, unloaded groceries at home, got my hair chopped off, picked up some farro at Sprouts, picked up little ones from school,  gave them a snack at home and then picked up the bigger one plus one at her school.  Emi and her friend wanted to see Ride Along 2, so I hauled all of the kids up to the theatre to drop them off, then me and the little ones picked up the remaining items needed for the weekend and made naan personal pizzas that night so dinner was easy.

During all of this, I kept Scott dosed with Theraflu and in bed because we really needed him better. Emi's movie was over after the little ones were in bed so I was able to fly solo to pick her and her friend up from the theatre. Night one was over and I was feeling a little worn out.

16 January 2016


I saw a post for One Pan Farro with Tomatoes from Smitten Kitchen and I knew I needed to try it soon. Because I also tried a version of this recipe lately and I need some balance.
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon and Tomatoes

09 January 2016

Snow Day

After work on Friday, we went to the bookstore to get a Latte Macchiato and a half price calendar. We ended up with the World's Best Father calendar. Love it! Then we hit the grocery store so I could camp out in my pajamas all day Saturday; being domesticated.


04 January 2016

Tooling Around the Town


Not really resolutions, but things I want to try to do this year:

  1. Drink more water. (as per always)
  2. Try this hot detox tonic to see if I really feel energized.
  3. Get more active. I don't want to join a gym or go crazy with these goals, but I need to do something. I am at my heaviest currently and I no likey.
  4. Wear more dresses and skirts, girly clothing. This would be so much easier if my spare tire/muffin top/beer gut/pot belly were gone.
  5. Create a t-shirt quilt.
  6. Make and distribute Blessing Bags. I don't know that I'd fill the bags with exhaustive items like toiletries because those are available at shelters, but socks, gloves, non-sweet snacks, wipes and change might help someone in need to bridge the gap between now and securing shelter.  I don't know if I'd have the nerve to hand this type of thing over to someone on the street, but there are children that go to school with my children that might have a need too.. Just a thought.
  7. Design a driveway gate and make it happen!

02 January 2016

Day One

Scott and I were awakened by a New Year's Day earthquake - 4.2 magnitude. I didn't sleep much after that because I kept thinking about how we'd survive being on the 12th floor of a hotel building in downtown OKC in case it collapsed.

First Day of the Year

01 January 2016

Last Day

New Year's Bouquet
Things started off great with lumpia and snacks, getting set up for The Big Game...