28 September 2011

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

This photo captures our essence (goofball essence)...

15 years, baby!!!

"All of Us"

Note: I played around in PSE trying to make something artistic out of the not so great pictures that came from our latest camp trip. I didn't get any help from the kids (obviously) in posing and Emi ditched us to hang out with Grandma Babe. (We don't blame her, Grandma Babe is lots of fun!) It was cloudy and I'm sure the planets were not in alignment and...ok, I'm done making excuses. I edited Emi in to this last photo and used the Pencil Sketch action on the photos... I like the results!


  1. Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you so much!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Happy anniversary and congrats on 15 years! :)

    (pardon my deleted comment - must proof read before publishing!)

  4. Thanks, Melissa! BTW, I think I deleted a comment on your blog recently because I had a typo or what I posted hastily made me look illiterate...nice that comments can be edited in the blogosphere...


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