04 October 2011

Day by Day, Minute by Minute

MOrganic Eggs

Nice things I experienced this past weekend:
  • seeing a new release at the theater and going to old haunts {campus corner was hopping!}
  • the sound of the cello
  • a cool breeze through the open bedroom windows & the warmth of the heated mattress pad set to 1
  • hot coffee in a heavy mug
  • soccer victory in the morning dew
  • the smell of pumpkin bread in the oven
  • leaves beginning to change colors {I am hoping for some beautiful yellow this year}
  • a flock of PELICANS flying over the lake
  • the noise of cousins playing in PeePaw's basement
  • squeals of delight when MeeMaw took the kids for a spin on the Red Rider
  • Sunday afternoon nap
  • a dozen eggs in brown and baby aqua
  • hearty soup cooked by my darling daughter and husband
Scott and I saw Contagion at the Warren Friday and that was a good movie. I didn't know that Bryan Cranston was in it - what a pleasant surprise! We almost chose to see Drive because we knew he was in it, but we opted for a scary movie - Contagion - because it IS flu season and it seemed a bit scarier than Dream House. We shared a Warren "Grand" Burger before the movie: a hamburger patty nestled in between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (one swiss, one american). Oy! They should probably hand out sides of lipitor with that yumminess. It was so good. There were only 7 people in the theatre with us and that was a good thing considering the movie we were seeing. Later we hit a few places on campus corner for drinks and appetizers.

Saturday we got Emi's soccer game over with early (they are undefeated!) and we came home to play (them) and work (me) in the yard. A few weeks ago Scott got me a handy dandy weeding device to help me in my quest to rid my yard of dandelions and dallisgrass.  The yard is not perfect, but it looks much better. It was a nice day for the kids to run off that extra energy and for me to get busy pulling weeds.  Later the kids helped me make pumpkin bread and mini-muffins.

We went to church on Sunday, the first time in weeks. It was nice to come back and we got to hear from a guest pastor. The band was outstanding and made me fall more in love with the cello. A few months ago our church band played the Gungor's Beautiful Things and I found the cello hauntingly beautiful.

Can you see the pelicans?

Sous Chef
Love my chefs!

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