06 September 2011

Nearly Perfect Day

Labor Day was a nearly perfect day from start to finish. I woke up early and opened the windows to feel the cool breeze for the second day in a row! I let the dogs out and got a pot of coffee (with cinnamon) brewing and immediately got in the front yard to do a "quick mow" (My quick mow turned into a couple of hours of trimming and mostly digging up the Dallisgrass that has invaded our lawn.) while the kids played a variation of Cops and Robbers. That was cute. Emi was kind enough to buy her little brother and sister some toy guns, handcuffs and a holster at the Dollar Tree.

Sad Kids
In the pokey
Don't they look sad pretending to be in jail? I heard them pretending to pull over the offenders for running red lights. Time in jail seems sort of extreme...unless they were texting while driving too. Every time I tried to capture them making sad faces, Aubri kept laughing the second I took the picture. So hard for my sweet little sunshine to even pretend to be sad.

Later we had watermelon in the back yard with the neighbors and watched the wildlife. 

055 copy

The chickens were checking out the cat (Durley) who was pretending she didn't notice them.

Hard to not notice when Ozzie decided to crow...

Speaking of cats and chickens, David totally lost it when our neighbor asked if he could call our chicken (her name is "Friendly") "Kitty". I mean totally. Protested, started tearing up and saying we could not call her "Kitty" and that he could not pick "Friendly" up, shooting his toy gun at our neighbor. Not being very neighborly at all...

061 copy
"Friendly" is now forever dubbed "Kitty Kitty"
Later we girls took an excursion to Michael's. Emi and Aubri decided to get gussied up while I stayed in my stinky yardening attire.

071 copy
Mommy apparently didn't get the memo...
Scott took some video of us after this picture was taken. Obviously he ignored my strong request to stop videoing us. Good thing you can't smell us!

After we got to Michael's and were checking out the clearance bins, I noticed that Aubri's dress was on backwards and her feet were filthy from running around in the backyard with flip flops. Watermelon juice apparently attracts dirt.


All in all it was a very good weekend. We didn't swim, but we did wash the Disco. We played hard and rested well. We watched our beloved Sooners win their first game and Emi made some quick cash parking 2 cars in the neighbor's driveway before the big game! Next time I think we'll park our cars and friends' cars in our alley and back drive and sell the primo spots to game attendees.

How was your weekend, friends?


  1. This weather made the weekend awesome!! Glad to gear you enjoyed yours too. :)

  2. Isn't the cooler weather delicious?! When I took the dog for his morning walk my hands got stiff with the cold - but no complaining from me (not until November or so anyway).

    Had to comment (on your comment) about hummingbirds. Yes, we have LOTS and ours also love it when we turn on the sprinkler. Funny. And I so would love a "pet" crow. I keep telling my husband that we need one (he thinks I'm nuts) - they're so clever.

    I like your word: yardening :-).


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