16 September 2011


Two weeks ago I ordered a cool poncho/sweater from ModCloth, a company I'd seen advertised on Making it Lovely.  I never received a confirmation e-mail and I didn't jot down the order number assuming it'd be e-mailed to me (FAIL), so almost a week later, I contacted customer care to try to track down my order. The technician found nothing under my e-mail address and told me to assume that there was a glitch at checkout and that the order didn't go through....no matter that there was a hold for my order on my bank account. So I put the order through again Friday morning after I set up my customer account and then Friday afternoon my original order arrived on my doorstep (of course!).  On the receipt was the reason we couldn't find the original order - I typed in my e-mail address wrong when I set up my account initially so I never received that confirmation e-mail - it went to "noiltamorgan" instead.  D'oh!

I called to cancel the duplicate order but it was already shipping. (Efficient, they are!) I was a bit annoyed that the original technician couldn't track down my order via the specific items ordered or the amount ordered or the date/time of the order. The second tech said they would pay shipping for me to return the items because they should have been able to find the order in the system based on the information supplied. Both techs were very nice, by the way...

Because I loved my sweater so much, I decided to see if we could resolve this situation a different way, i.e. how could I keep both? I had Emi try on the sweater and she liked it so we've decided to keep both Fall Awakening Sweaters and Tree earrings.

Now we just need to find the perfect charcoal boots to go with!


  1. Ah, how cute! Emi is going to be so stylish in her cute poncho!
    Kind of random, but did you ever watch Ugly Betty? I only watched a couple episodes & I think it was the very first one when Betty is interviewing for a job & she's sitting next to some tall model type girl wearing an expensive/trendy poncho. Betty says that she has a poncho that her dad got her in Guadalajara. It cuts to the next scene with her wearing a hideous poncho with "Guadalajara" spelled out in giant yellow writing. It's hilarious! Okay, sorry for the random novel of a comment!

  2. Melissa, I never saw that but it sounds hilarious. Have a great weekend!


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