03 September 2011

What I Like (Flagstone Edition)

Back in April I got a little overzealous and created a flower bed in the front yard that I soon regretted. I transplanted some daylilies and irises from the back yard and then the heat hit us. And daylilies and irises are only pretty in clumps in the distance for a short while...not a great choice in a flower bed.  I didn't take many pictures of the bed directly because I was never happy with it. But lately I've been showcasing my lovely fragrant crape myrtle so much and when I review the photos, I see that darn bed in the background.

Old Borders
My Beloved Crape Myrtle - And the Odd Looking Flagstone Bordered Flower Bed (to the left)
So this morning I got busy removing the plants and flagstone and some of the mulch so that grass can take over.
Moved Borders
A Step in the Right Direction

I need to hit the garden center to pick up some new garden gloves and mulch before I can proceed further, but I was so happy to be able to get something done in the yard today.

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