12 September 2011

Hosty Mosh Pit

Last night we went to the last of the Summer Breeze concerts in the park and they definitely saved the best for last: Hosty.  I have been of longtime fan of Hosty, since before they were The Hosty Duo. The band was called Silvertones back in 1994 when we used to catch them at Liberty D's (and we danced to My Ho Drives a Big Red Car), then they were the Silvatones and then they whittled down to Hosty Trio and then Hosty Duo.

As proof: I think I still have the cassette that Mike Byar's brought to me in 1995. I can't recall if they ran out at the performance or if I didn't have the cash that night but he was kind enough to deliver the much wanted music to me.

Last night they were as good as ever and I'm so happy that my children got to experience them. Emi has heard Mike Hosty play before at her school and the Little Ones have heard their music from our home library but none had experienced a Hosty concert before last night. It was a beautiful night in the park and one good thing about not having much rain this summer is that there were no mosquitoes out. The temps were cool too.

We started out at a friend's house near the park. He was hosting a pre-Hosty gathering that he didn't even make it to....he got stuck in Seattle. Nice that he let us hang out and socialize before the concert. Much more trusting a friend than I ...

Hanging at Scott's, pre-Hosty

Scott and I sat in our Winfield chairs and we spread out a blanket for the kids, but they did not sit still for long.  2 of our 3 joined the other kiddos in front of the stage in a little mosh pit of sorts. It was so cute to see them dancing to the music. I love that they will have memories of running barefoot in the park, making friends and dancing to good music.

We sat back drinking Tecate and eating Guacamole Chips and soaking in the music and the good time. Some friends joined us on the blanket and I found out that Hosty's babysitter can also be our babysitter. She lives close to us and even after sitting with our 3 kiddos said that she'd love to watch the kids. I will have to make use of that offer before it expires. ;.)

We bought their new CD (The Mousetrap Sessions) and of course, a Mac and Cheese t-shirt "for Scott".  It was a late night so I will post pictures later... it was a great way to spend 9/11.

So, how was your weekend, friends?


  1. How fun! We went for about an hour last night... The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Melissa, we said we'd go for only an hour but we enjoyed it so much (music and weather) that we stayed... we love Hosty!


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