10 September 2011

High Fidelity

A few years back a company that I used to work for was distributing funds from our Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) and I found myself with a couple thousand dollars of mad money on my hands. Of course my first purchase was a chocolate brown pair of UGGly boots that had been on my wish list for some time. (they made the cool season so much more tolerable...and still do)

We also had been researching a sound system for the house. We wanted wireless access to our music library, iTunes, Pandora, Internet radio and iPods and we wanted to be able play music all over the house.  While in Austin we checked out the Sonos system at Best Buy because we'd read some really great things about the system.  The price seemed a little steep but nothing else could compare.

After we got back from that trip we ordered 2 zones and a bridge online.  One zone is in the living room connected to the home theater and the other is set up in the Gathering Room which is where most of our guests hang out.
Sonos Zoneplayer

We were up and running the evening our Sonos system arrived.  We loved the system....especially the sexy controller:

We got through a few months with 2 zones but we really wanted a zone for our bedroom, and the garage (for game days) and of course another zone and more speakers for the big back yard, and maybe one for the basement. We ended up ordering the S5, an all-in-one music player with integrated speakers.
Sonos Play: 5 
This baby can normally be found in our bedroom but it can be moved around the house anywhere and we move it out to the back yard for pool parties.

Aubrianna in Her Goggles
You can see the S5 on the stoop behind Aubri.
Some family and friends have downloaded the Sonos apps to their iPhones so that they can control the music at our parties too. That can get interesting when we want to hear different songs...

So there you have it folks...our secret to fun gatherings at our house. Actually this is only one of the secrets. You'll have to come to a gathering at our house to learn the rest.

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