02 September 2011

Distractioning & Satisfactioning *

Elvis' A Little Less Conversation has been on my mind so much lately that I had to download it this morning to keep me going at work. I put my freshly charged ipod in my bag this morning and then promptly left for work without it. ;.( I blame my daughters for distractioning me today - I was running around turning out their lights when I should have been focusing on grabbing my bag (they were in the car).

What I wore to work today (not that you asked)

So, anyway, I did something today that I never do (anymore, anyway, since I purchased that skirt above) and I am not ashamed! It's been a while since I splurged and bought something just out and not on sale. (Note: I have 1 pair of Joe Jeans and 1 pair of UGGs that I worked hard for and will keep until I die, likely). But today I didn't want to miss out.

I saw a cute charcoal sweater/poncho and ordered it (along with some cute earrings). I know it's hot as blazes outside but I am trying to usher in Fall as quickly as possible... I hope this helps! (because I will want to wear that sweater the second I get it).

In other news, Emi's hair is coming along nicely. I promised pictures last month but the comb out and style has taken a little longer because we left her hair in braids a little too long...

Emi's cornrows are getting there....my pretty girl!

Love my baby girl!
* FYI, after I got home I listened to my song on repeat until I was satisfactioned.

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